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Interrupted Reading

musings on fandom & life

Nora Norwich
24 June
I use this journal mainly for fandom-related purposes: episode reviews, story recommendations, and general fandom meta. These days I am mainly a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor), with a huge focus on Steve Rogers, who I ship with pretty much everyone. I also am very into Arrow, Sleepy Hollow and the Good Wife (though I'm a season behind in TGW).

Past fandoms are numerous and include Smallville, Supernatural, Middleman, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Veronica Mars, Buffy, Angel, X-files, most incarnations of Star Trek, Highlander, Xena, Due South, and Star Wars. Xena, and Due South, among others.

Please feel free to friend me if you're interested in reading my journal. I'm reaching a point in my friendslist where I won't automatically be adding everyone back, though I will definitely check out your journal from time to time if you have me friended, and if I feel we have common interests I will add you. The flip side of this is that I friend people whose journals I am interested in reading, but I don't get offended if I'm not friended back. Basically I consider my friendslist a reading list.

4400, academia, alicia florrick, angel, apocalypticism, arrow, battlestar galactica, bela talbot, bible slash, bisexuality, blood ties, bucky barnes, buddhism, buffy, c.s. lewis, captain america, catholicism, chin ho kelly, chlana, chronicles of narnia, clana, clex, clois, colbert report, comparative religion, connie willis, dale peck, darcy lewis, dorothy sayers, due south, ellen harvelle, falsifying statistics, fan fiction, felicity smoak, feminism, forever knight, freedom of speech, gaius baltar, gender studies, good wife, harriet vane, harry potter, henry fitzroy, heroes, highlander, hinduism, ironman, jack sparrow, james norrington, jane foster, jessica moore, joan of arcadia, john diggle, jon stewart, joss whedon, judaism, kalinda sharma, kara thrace, keith mars, kono kalakaua, lana lang, laura roslin, laurie king, leverage, lex luthor, lilah morgan, lint, lionel luthor, lois lane, lord of the rings, marvel cinematic universe, mary russell, media fandom, meta, methos, michael rosenbaum, middleman, narnia, natasha romanoff, new religious movements, oliver queen, paganism, peggy carter, pepper potts, peter wimsey, pirates of the caribbean, religion, rupert giles, sam wilson, sarah connor, sexuality, sharon valerii, sif, slash, sleepy hollow, smallville, spock, star trek, star wars, stephen colbert, steve mcgarrett, steve rogers, supernatural, tanya huff, temeraire, thor, threesomes, tolkien, u.s. history, vampire diaries, vegetarianism, veronica mars, vicki nelson, victor henriksen, vulcan, wallace fennel, wendy watson, wesley windham-pryce, xena.