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recsfest day 14

Happy Valentine's Day! In honor of this annual festival and love and porn, I of course have to rec one of mskatej's amazing stories. I've planned this for a while, and here's what I had written in January when I starting compiling recs for this month: "It's pretty hard to pick a favorite story of Kate's, but Going Home is definitely my current favorite (and probably my all-around favorite fic from Yuletide this year). Lex loses his memory, Clark helps out, and then things take a decidedly sexy turn. Clark is ambivalent, but resolves that he'll just give in a little--and then he'll go home. Yeah, RIGHT! Even without his memory, Lex is a master manipulator, and Clark is putty in his hands--and loves it."

However, since teot just recommended this story two days ago, and just so I didn't look like I was stealing her recommendations, I thought I'd better find another of Kate's stories to rec. (A happy quest!) I decided to pick two, just in case. Intruder is a Clark-in-heat story, a theme I never get tired of, but I really like the spin Kate puts on it. Lex and Lana have been a couple for months, and Lex is only interested in Clark as an alien specimen--at least until he walks in on Clark masturbating in the barn. Then he starts acting like the one in heat, as they are both drawn to each other against their will.

I also really love Sleeping with the Enemy . I'll just let the opening paragraphs of it speak for themselves:

It was just one indiscretion that really shouldn’t have happened, but it did, and Clark will be okay about it in no time. He just needs to see it for what it was: a silly mistake that, while fun, should be thought about as little as possible. In fact, pretending that it didn’t happen at all is probably the smartest way to move forward.

One thing is certain: he’s never going to offer to interview Lex Luthor again, unless it’s somewhere very, very public. Oh God… how had he-

Clark shakes his head like a dog as if it might help him to purge the memory, and glares at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. It was just so… unprofessional of him. And he hadn’t even gotten a good interview out of it.


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