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BSG: Final Cut

Spoilers for the BSG episode "Final Cut", which is season 2 episode 8, behind the cut, though really a lot of this is the game of "cast your favorite person currently shooting a series in Vancouver as a Cylon":

Xena is a CYLON! That was an awesome twist! Wow, Xena & Ray Kowalski are Cylons--does that mean I can come up with my fantasy list of other favorite characters to make into Cylons? Even if we confine it to the ubiquitous 30 Canadian actors (like, we all noticed Chloe's dad is President Roslin's advisor who she dumped for crazy Baltar) or people currently acting in Vancouver, we could still get Lex & Clark as Cylons, and Dean and Sam from Supernatural as Cylons, and Benton Fraser as a Cylon, and Jim and Blair from the Sentinel as Cylons--really, we could have the total slashtravaganza, especially since the main Cylon M.O. seems to be seducing people. Has nobody done this yet?

Oh, and I have to say that I loved the fact that Lucy Lawless got to keep her real accent in this role, and I was *completely* surprised by the reveal. I also loved the backstory we get in this, especially Dee's (poor Dee! Her story about her family made me so sad), and the amazing CONTINUITY!!! Tigh getting threatened! Actions having consequences! Damn, I actually even felt sorry for Ellen in this episode, and I hate Ellen. And I loved all the little character bits, like Tyrol mending uniforms with a stapler (ouch!)

I also loved that we got to find out a little more about Gaeta, who looked way hot with his collar undone and smoking. And bop_radar, I'm sure you also enjoyed that half-naked Apollo scene. I must say, that man looks mighty fine in a towel.



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Jan. 10th, 2006 12:59 am (UTC)
*fans self* Um. I rewound that scene A LOT. Also notice how I comment on the towel scene first above all other things of interest in your post! ;) *is a crazy Lee obsessive* I thought it was great that he shuffled the towel all around so we got to see almost all of him! And his attempted dignity despite nudity was adorable.

Phew! Ok... this was a great ep - yes. I too was surprised by the reveal and I'd love to rewatch the ep knowing she's a cylon! I thought LL was great and her real accent was wonderful although I wondered if it would annoy Americans.

Ha! Your slashtravaganza idea is hilarious! I'd particularly love Jensen to come on as a male equiv of Six! Hee! I find BSG not slashy at all for the most part, but it's fun to speculate... in the depths of craziness last night I came up with the World's Worst BSG slash plot: Anders/Lee MPREG (just so there's no confusion here, I HATE MPREG). But - Anders as a male cylon whose ultimate goal is Lee? i.e. he only slept with Kara to get her to rescue him so he could get to Lee. Then, being a cylon, his endgame has *got* to be breeding (ha!) but the sex would be hot coz for Lee it would be all about Kara. Plus they look disturbingly alike.

I'm loving the fill-ins on characters like Dee and Gaeta... not sure what to feel about Apollo-Dee connection, although the flirting-boxing was hot.

Don't you just love the continuity in this show!!
Jan. 10th, 2006 05:01 am (UTC)
I don't blame you at all for rewinding that scene--he looks pretty amazing with his clothes off. And I agree, BSG is not really slashy (you'd have to stretch pretty far, unless you're writing maybe Cylon femslash--mmm, Six/Lucy Lawless's character, for example, or angry Starbuck/Six after she beats her up pnm the planet or something). For the guys, though, I think Adama/Tigh is the only clearly slashy relationship, and I have no real interest in it because I don't really like Tigh that much, even though I think he's an interesting character. Oh, and I guess you could get Tyrol/Helo, in a "we're both in love with the same woman, but she's behind bars" kind of way.

Anders/Lee mpreg: hilarious! (Did you really think he looked like Kara? He didn't really make much of an impression on me--he's the pyramid player from Caprica, right? I think in his scenes with Kara I was too busy looking at Kara.)

Oops, I have to go shopping before the busses stop running, in case you're wondering at my sudden silence. More responses later, I'm sure!
Jan. 10th, 2006 06:02 am (UTC)
(you can see I've used my day to good purpose)
Cylon femslash... yup! it passes. Especially Six/Starbuck. That would be hot. Adama/Tigh or Helo/Tyrol would bore me senseless and I agree anything else is a major stretch, at least at this point in time.

And... umm... LOL, no I thought Anders looked like Lee. *g* Was obviously typing too fast to make that clear! Very bad habit.

Go! Shop! (but it's been great talking to you today)
Jan. 10th, 2006 06:22 am (UTC)
That icon is GORGEOUS! He really does have a lovely physique. And if you meant that Anders looks like Lee, suddenly I understand your argument a lot better. (Oh, typing too fast, I understand that well. The fact that you can't edit comments after posting them is a continual source of mortification to me, since I usually have at least one horrible typo or error of argument in every post).

I am actually back from shopping at the lovely new international grocery store in town (which is very good for my morale but bad for the dietary resolutions I made for the New Year). The Kmart across the street from them did not have BSG season 2, so I'll have to go to the mall after work tomorrow.
Jan. 10th, 2006 09:56 am (UTC)
Oh me too - so much mortification about typos in comments!

Oh the grocery store sounds lovely. My new years resolutions are wavering a little too. I went to kung fu but only for an hour. That's not too bad... It's the going again on Thursday bit that will be the killer!
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