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Apr. 27th, 2005

My thoughts on how "Blank" should have ended behind the cut

When Chloe was strapped down, I had a moment of being terrified that they were going to totally press the reset button and erase her memory, and then I realized that would be a good thing, in terms of the long term survival for the character. A little memory wipe is a lot better than death or insanity! And for a second I thought it would even be good for the Clark/Chloe relationship, because even though she wouldn't know the secret anymore, Clark would know that she had known and had tried to protect him.

So I was really, really depressed that Clark lost his memories of that day. (How much memory is Chloe supposed to have lost in that final zapping--just a couple minutes? ) I could actually take the return of the Clana if they would just let Chloe have a special relationship with Clark that Lana doesn't have. (Instead, it seems like Clark subconsciouly decided he could trust someone, and it's going to be Lana. Ugh.)

It's not that I have a complete and total revulsion to Clana. Compared to most people on my flist, I'm positively tolerant of Clana; it only really annoys me when it gets used to trounce on characters I love (like Chloe not getting a dance last week, or the dreaded Clark/Lana/Lex triangle I fear for next season).

Most of the Clana this week didn't bother me. For example, Clark's love at first sight, for me, as always, is just the big AlMiles Mary Sue, and on that level I just mainly ignore it. And I have to confess, I actually kind of thought that the scene at the locker was tolerable. It's something about amnesia Clark--he's lost a lot of his accumulated asshattery, at least temporarily, and despite the Marysuenss of it all I did think his obvious crush-at-first sight was a little cute.

But it really pisses me off that they keep putting Chloe through the emotional wringer without at least giving her a consolation prize (in this case, being the one Clark trusts with his secret.) It would be nice if the ending of the episode means he's going to choose to trust her eventually, BUT I think it sounded much more like he was going to tell Lana the truth to restart a relationship with her, and that I do find barf-worthy.

It's weird that I am much more concerned with Chloe's feelings getting hurt than Lex's, given that I am a diehard Clexer, but I think I rationalize that by knowing Lex, eventually, will get his revenge, while Chloe's probably going to die by the end of the series, so I'm more concerned with her happiness now.

Still, the thing in this episode that bothered me more than the Clana was the idea that Clark, when "trusting his gut," instinctively distrusts Lex. At least that's how I think we are supposed to read Clark's facial expressions in the scenes with Lex, especially in the cave. That annoyed me a lot, and definitely had me cheering on Lex in his subtle manipulation of Clark for the rest of the episode. (Well, I'm always cheering Lex on, but this made it more so than usual!)


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