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SV recs: Luthor family stories

For my second day of Lionel-themed recs, I am recommending stories that focus on Luthor family life. This set of recs includes any story in which the primary focus is the Luthor family as a whole or Lionel's relationship with Lillian, Julian, his parents, or the extended Luthor clan. As with the last set of recs, there's lots of good stories in here for Lex lovers, too, since he is a primary focus in a lot of these stories.

acampbell, The Better Part of Wisdom (Lionel/Victoria). Interesting tale set late first season; Lionel has married Victoria because she is carrying a Luthor baby, but is it Lionel's, or Lex's? And how will Lex respond?

Alisanne, Close Encounters of the Smallville Kind. Lionel has been keeping watch on Lex, but not for the reason Lex thinks. Not a very canonical Lionel, but hearkens back to a time in the series where Lionel was not unambiguously evil.

Basingstoke, Light. Written before we knew what really happened to Julian. The Luthor family grieves. This is a gorgeous, short, heartbreaking piece.

Basingstoke, Girl (Lex/Bruce Wayne). Another story written early in the show, before we knew how or when Lillian died. Lex is in college and gets word from his father about his mother's death. Bruce accompanies him to the funeral. This is one of my favorite Luthor family stories, even though it has been thoroughly jossed.

Beth, Thankful. Lionel, alone at Thanksgiving, musing on his life. An interesting character piece, written before we knew anything canonically about Lionel's wife.

Ciel, The Lionel in Winter . A very fun SV take on "The Lion in Winter." Lionel, in his advanced years, decides to reconcile with his whole family at Christmas time. An absolutely hilarious romp, in which Lucas and his wife play the funniest roles, but Clark, Lex, Martha and Jonathan also contribute to the fun. Probably my favorite Lionel story of all time, and definitely in my top ten SV stories of all time.

Corinna, Beginnings. Lionel and Lillian, early in their marriage. Although this story has the seeds of the Lionel we know, it makes me ache with the lost possibilities.

Fabrisse, Mahogany . A brief, lyrical exploration of Lionel's memories of Lillian.

FayJay, Hell Money. Crossover with Angel. The *best* explanation for Julian's death, ever. Chilling but very plausible.

Jayne Leitch, Trinity: Three Things that Didn't happen to Lionel Luthor. Three scenarios: two funny (well, *I* think the idea of Lionel adopting Lana is funny) and one scary (death comes for Lillian).

Lanning's"Identical" series (Clark/Lex). As I'm sure everyone in the fandom knows, this is a Clex AU in which Lionel, unhappy with his inability to manipulate Lex, tries to replace him with a clone. Lex escapes, and turns to the Kents for aid. This is one of my favorite AU series in the fandom, and has some of the best depictions of Clark, Lex, Martha, Jonathan, and Pamela around, as well as some great original characters like Eli. Lionel, of course, plays an important role in the story as well; I particularly like his storyline in Alliance, which is the most recent story in the series.

Marisol, Rachel . An intriguing look at Lilly's reactions when she discovers Lionel's affair with Rachel Dunlevy.

Marisol, Two. Lionel wants another child, but Lilly is resisting.

MitchPell, She Was. Lionel and Lilly: a love story. A fascinating exploration of their relationship.

MitchPell, A Luthor Christmas. Really more Lexcentric than Lionel-centric, but I love the backstory MitchPell has created for the Luthors here, and the complicated family relationships depicted over many years of Luthor Christmases. Now completely jossed, but still worth reading.

Mobiusklein, Portrait of An Empress . Who was the woman Lionel married?

Paperbkryter, Two Small Boys . Clark and Lex as little kids (parallel stories--they don't meet each other). The Lex section, especially, never fails to make me laugh, since Paperbkryter paints him as a little hellion.

Roxy, Paris. (Lex/Lucas, Lex/Clark). I'm putting this under Luthor family stories because it doesn't have a Lionel pairing in it--in fact, the main character is Lex--but it definitely is an interesting *look* at Luthor family dynamics. An AU set in the 19th century, in which Lionel and Lucas sell Lex to a bordello, where Clark is already enslaved. I really wish there was a sequel to this!

Sage, Forever (Morgan/Lionel, Lillian/Lionel). This is a prologue to a longer series, but stands alone very well on its own. It sketches Lionel and Lillian's histories, beginning with Morgan Edge's relationship relationship with Lionel. They love each other, but for Lionel it can never be a permanent entenglement, because it would interfere with his goals. But when he leaves Morgan for Lillian, Morgan doesn't take it well.

Sarah T, He that Hath Ears. Sarah T has written several of my favorite Luthor family stories. In this one, we are introduced to Lionel's mother, Livia Luthor, a formidable scientist and owner of the patents to many important Luthor holdings, who drops in for a visit in early season 2. I think I prefer this backstory to the canonical one for Lionel.

Sarah T, Written by the winners. Three is old enough to be learning valuable life lessons. First in the Games without frontiers series.

SarahT, The Small Assassin. The second in the Games without Frontiers series. Sweet, with a sharp bite underneath. Luthorian games always have a lesson behind them.

Sarah T, Second Intention . Lex's fencing match with his father started very young.

Sarah T, Drift. Post-Hourglass, Lex retreats home to Metropolis, determined to evade his destiny. Lionel has to take certain steps to motivate him to return to his responsibilities.

Sarah T, Visitation. Lex gets exquisite revenge on Lionel, without resorting to violence. I reread this story a *lot* around the time "Shattered" and "Asylum" first aired.

Slodwick, The Sweet Smell of Air . Lex and Lionel, in the wake of Lillian's death.

Teaphile's In Loco Parentis .Lionel, Jonathan, and Martha all get turned into little kids, as do Pete and Chloe, and Lex, Clark and Lana have to take care of them.

Titti, Home for Christmas. Clark and Lex have been in a relationship for a while. Lionel knows, but Jonathan and Martha do not, and they're coming for Christmas. I love the rapprochement Lex and Lionel have reached in this story.

Note: All the stories by Wendi have been taken offline. I don't know her perspective on privately trading stories, but I'm sure a lot of people have saved these stories and might be willing to share them, if you ask around.

Wendi, Of Apples and Trees. Introduces Leo Luthor, Lionel's father. The first of an excellent series of stories Wendi wrote before we knew anything about Lachlan Luthor. I still like Wendi's stories better than canon. In this first story, Leo visits after Lionel has been blinded, to try and motivate him to get out of bed.

Wendi, Turn. Second of the Leo Luthor stories. Leo gives Lex advice and assistance. "There are two people you should keep closer to you than a brother. The man you love and the man you hate." Lex turned his gaze back to the grounds below, watching as Lionel paused, dark shades tipped up as if he could sense eyes on him from somewhere above. Lex didn't look away, and after a moment, his father turned back to his tapping foray through the garden. "And what if they're the same man?"

Wendi, The Family Ties that Bind. Leo works behind the scenes in "Prodigal" to help Lex find, and then protect, his brother Lucas.

Wendi, Unlocked. Leo can keep Lex's secrets.

Wendi, An Hour When Angels Keep. After Lex's plane goes down, Leo takes charge.

Wendi, Return to Me.
Leo grieves over those he has lost.

Wendi, Journeys. The last chapter in the Leo Luthor saga.

Zahra, Association. The Kents and the Luthors have a long and tangled history together. (Written before we knew very much about the Luthor family).


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Mar. 25th, 2006 01:41 pm (UTC)
i go to lanning's site every once in a while, hoping for an update. that's a terrific series. i always see ben kingsley as Eli. wait, did i make that up? no, it's probably in a cover someone made... oh yes, there on the art page. Eli's calling clark Cricket is so lovable, and the socks thing made me laugh every time.

otherwise, there's lots here that'll be completely new to me. thanks as always.
Mar. 25th, 2006 03:54 pm (UTC)
I'm pretty sure that Lanning "cast" Ben Kingsley as Eli, and there are some icons/covers to that effect somewhere.
Mar. 27th, 2006 12:29 am (UTC)
Great recs!
Mar. 27th, 2006 01:11 am (UTC)
Dec. 11th, 2008 10:46 pm (UTC)
just saying, your luthor family recs are perfect, just what I needed for a member over at sv storyfinders :D
Dec. 11th, 2008 10:59 pm (UTC)
Thanks, Ender. I'm glad they're still useful.
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