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Infinity War

Dear people posting fix-its on A03: could you please word your summaries in ways that are not spoilery for everyone who hasn't seen the film yet? (I.e. saying who lives is a spoiler just as much as who dies!)

I think even emotional reactions are probably spoilery at this point, so assume everything behind the cut will spoil you massively for Infinity War.

This is probably part 1 of 2 or 3 posts!

Ok, first: that was not at ALL what I was expecting. In fact, pretty much everyone I expected to die did not, and pretty much everyone I thought was safe actually died. Damn. Though I suppose that is the point; that means it's up to the core original Avengers to save the day with Captain Marvel in the sequel. (Someone on one of the ffa thread helpfully pointed out there is one original Avenger per Infinity Stone, which might be significant; at any rate, I am expecting major carnage among the original Avengers in the next film. If Steve and Tony make it out alive, I will be VERY very surprised.

I fully expect everyone else to be resurrected. Well, maybe not Loki and Heimdall, but pretty much everyone else--and not just the people dusted by Thanos' gauntlet (despite that, apparently being what happens in the comics), because there is NO WAY Gamora isn't coming back for the next GOTG film. In fact, her death actually was what made me heave a huge sigh of relief, since there is no way it's going to stick. And obviously the entire new wave of heroes (T'Challa, Peter Parker, Sam) or the rest of the GOTG cast will be back, because they all have films coming up, which does make me wonder if any of the deaths in this film will stick.

Which honestly lessened my emotional reactions immensely, even to the deaths that otherwise would have been significantly traumatizing to me (Bucky and Peter, especially).

Despite that, though, I actually really enjoyed this film. I was really not expecting them to be able to balance all the different casts and universes as well as they did, and while obviously I would have liked them to spend more time on my particular faves (Steve, Bucky, and Shuri, particularly), I liked the small bits of characterization we did get, like the Steve/Bucky hug (finally!), or Shuri being smarter than Bruce, and I was entertained pretty much all the way through. I actually need to go see it again, because the opening night audience was so reactive, which was fun at several points in the film (we broke into spontaneous applause when Steve first appeared and when Thor showed up in Wakanda), but I actually missed a lot of dialogue because people were laughing so loudly.

Some things I particularly loved:

1. Tony's dream children, and all his onscreen time with Pepper. Still an OTP for me, even though I would have preferred if they skipped the bit of her berating him for going off to save the universe.

2. All the Tony-Peter Parker interactions. (And Peter's new suit! With the actual spider legs! That was very cool). Peter's death was the only one of the deaths that almost made me cry, though.

3. Loki trying to stab Thanos at the moment he was fake-swearing undying allegiance to him. If his death sticks, at least that's a good way to go. [But damn it, some of the Asgardians better have survived. Thanos only kills half, right? So maybe Valkyrie and Korg led half of them away?]

4. I didn't like Heimdall's death--which will probably stick, dammit--but I did like that he probably saved the universe by transporting Bruce back to earth.

5. I loved all the GOTG folks' reaction to finding Thor--that was hilarious (and one of the scenes I missed a lot of dialogue in since the audeince was laughing so hard). Especially love Thor going off with Rocket and Groot, and the relationship Thor develops with "Rabbit," and Rocket's sympathy for Thor's grief. I also really loved that Thor could speak Groot! And that bit where Groot sacrificed part of his body to make the axe handle was awesome.

6. Speaking of sacrifice, I did love all the parallel sacrifices going on in this: Peter Quill having to be prepared to sacrifice Gamora, that paralleled Wanda and Vision, and was sort of the obverse of Thanos' sacrifice of Gamora. For a while I was wondering if Gamora was really right and the Soul Stone would somehow turn on Thanos since he didn't sincerely love anyone--I still kind of wish that would be a mechanism for defeating him in the sequel.

7. The Gamora-Thanos backstory was excellent, and I really liked that the threat that got Gamora to give him the location of the soul stone was the threat to Nebula. It is interesting that all the good guys in this gave up the stones to save someone they loved (Loki and Gamora and Wanda, inadvertantly), though I am sure in Strange's case it was less about saving Tony and more about whatever he envisioned would happen to Tony in that 1 in 14 million shot at saving the universe. At some points I was really frustrated at the good guys' inability to make hard choices--like, I'm with Steve to the point that there's no reason to unnecessarily sacrifice Vision's life when other options exist, but is Vision's life really worth the entire Wakandan army? That seemed ridiculous. And don't get me started on Peter Quill's vengeance preventing them from getting the Infinity Gauntlet; I'm just hoping that was also somehow integral to Strange's vision. And that somehow in part 2 these sorts of choices will be vindicated? I mean, I hope there is some sort of moral difference between people refusing to sacrifice innocents for the "greater good" and Thanos, since that's his whole justification for genocide.

Oh, wow, typing this took a lot more time than I thought. I was going to say more about stuff I didn't like, but I guess that will be another post. (And I haven't even got to cute little moments like M'Baku joining the battle with the Wakandans, or all of Okoye's facial gestures in the battle, or that great bit where she, Natasha and Wanda are all fighting together.)

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Apr. 29th, 2018 04:14 pm (UTC)
Good review, m'dear! Death rarely sticks in comics, so everyone is probably coming back, perhaps with the exception of Loki and Heimdall, depending on if there will be any more Thor movies, perhaps.

I LOVED the fighting dynamic of Natasha, Okoye, and Wanda, too.

Bruce and the Hulk refusing to come out was pretty funny. I guess the Hulk doesn't like getting beat! :)

I am already inspired by this film to do some writing.
Apr. 29th, 2018 04:49 pm (UTC)

I hope we get more of the Hulk's motives in the next film. And glad to hear it's inspiring you to write.
Apr. 29th, 2018 11:34 pm (UTC)
He got a beatdown from Thanos, so he's pretty shook up. :)
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