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Captain America

Wow, posting two days in a row--the world might end! Spoilery comments (but mainly reactions, not analysis; I haven't read anyone else's reactions, so more analysis may follow).

Ok, my main feeling? Is just huge relief that (A) Nobody was killed or even irreparably injured; (b) nothing was done to Steve/Bucky that will spoil things for the fandom. I realized this afternoon that I was bordering on an anxiety attack just thinking of going tonight, which is a ridiculous emotional investment in this ship, but I guess that's fandom.

Things I liked a lot, off the top of my head:

T'Challa, who had a much bigger role than I anticipated, and who had an actual character growth arc that was pretty interesting to watch

The humor! Honestly, I was expecting lots more deep emotional conflict and feeling ripped apart by choosing sides, and though part of me thinks that would have been more dramatically interesting, I kind of like that two of the three major fights were really more comedic than serious. (Ok, I did like that. I am a wimp and was dreading the tearing apart of the Avengers; this was a lot easier to watch than I was anticipating. Though of course in terms of the basic conflict motivating the film, all the events of this film did was make it worse, at least in the eyes of the public, and kick the conflict down the road a bit. I guess they'll have to save the world in Infinity Wars to get legal again?

Spiderman! Like most people whose reactions I read when we heard about Spiderman being in this movie, I really don't think we need another Spiderman movie (unless it's Miles Morales), but I still thought this Spiderman was extremely cute, and I really enjoyed his responses to working with Avengers (just like I loved Antman's response to Cap--both of them really lightened up that showdown a lot).

Sam as Falcoln, which we didn't get to see a lot before--LOVE LOVE LOVE the new suit and all the things he can do in it, especially his mechanical version of Redwing. Hee! And I liked his byplay with Bucky, though I have to see the film again, since the audience reaction was so loud in some of those scenes I couldn't hear the dialogue.

Things I liked a lot more than I anticipated:

I was really, really dreading Peggy's funeral (*sobs*) (*is still in denial*) (*still wants fic where Peggy had to fake her own death since she got regenerated somehow, and now her biggest problem reuniting with Steve is figuring out that they're hiding out in Wakanda*),
but I did love Sharon's speech, and the fact that Nat came to the funeral just to be there for him.

I was also dreading the romance with Sharon, but again I feel like they did a great job establishing it--that it's growing out of her support for his mission, and not some stupid shoehorned romance plot in the middle of more important stuff.

I was pretty sure I was going to hate Tony suddenly getting all righteous when he was the one basically responsible for Sokovia, but I actually think they did a good job setting up his change of heart. I HATE HATE HATE the breakup with Pepper, but I understand the Doylist reasons (Paltrow too expensive?) and it makes sense that isolation would drive some of the decisions he made here. And since that (deceptive) trailer clip that led to the debate over whether Steve and Tony were actually friends in the movie, I was afraid there would be a lot more hostility between them, so I actually liked all those scenes when they were clearly trying to reach out to each other. And while I'd like to think Tony could eventually come to recognize that Bucky wasn't in control of his actions, his response made total sense given that he actually watched Bucky murder both his parents on film. That's really harder to cope with than abstract knowledge.

I was unspoiled about the Hydra programming in Bucky, so I was really worried that Zemo actually programmed him to blow up the U.N. building. (Would T'Challa have been so forgiving if Bucky actually had been the agent of his father's death?) And wow, what an elaborate revenge plot--he's clearly going to become a great antagonist in future movies.

I was also pretty worried about conflict between Nat and Steve, since their friendship was one of my favorite things about CA:TWS, but I thought they did a good job showing why she chose the side she did, and how she continued to respect Steve even while disagreeing with him. (Maybe it was too easy that she let him and Bucky go to the Quinjet, but it made a lot of characterization sense to me).

Things I didn't like:

The only thing I really didn't like was Bucky being put in stasis in Wakanda, but that is easily fixable in fic, and I assume is happening so there's a reason for Bucky to show up in T'Challa's movie? So that won't be a bad thing.

There's probably more, but I'm falling asleep. Overall I really enjoyed it. It was much more entertaining--and much less emotionally devastating--than I was expecting, and both of those are good things,

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