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Was I complaining about the lack of plot and forward motion last week? Clearly they were saving it all up!

1. Druid Manu Bennett better not be really dead! OK, I cheated and looked up how many episodes he's in in imdb and either they're showing lots of flashbacks in the next 4 episodes or he's not really dead, but still. I wonder if that sword is going to be morally corrupting Bad Uncle (umm, sorry, I can't ever remember which one is Ander and which one is Arion, and their imdb pictures don't help since they don't look at all like the characters, so in my head the prince supporting Amberle is Good Uncle and the other one is Bad Uncle, at least for the forseeable future). Is it the Shannara equivalent of the one ring? (And wow, the Tolkien ripoffs got even more apparent in this episode, what with demons that looked exactly like Balrogs)

2. I have to confess, I'm not too interested in the adult quest, so I wasn't entirely paying attention to Good Uncle's plotline, but I did like him releasing the Gnome so he could perform funeral rites on the fallen gnomes, even if it was a dumb decision. But dumb really runs in that family, doesn't it? I mean, I realize we're supposed to see Amberle, like Good Uncle, as someone who sees the good in people and tries to give them the benefit of the doubt, but when someone has drugged you and suspended you from the ceiling, it's really NOT a good idea to tell them that you're an even higher-value hostage than he thought, for Pete's sake!

3. Dumbass Wil, not so much of a dumbass this week! I may need to stop using that nickname. Smart that he was the one who figured out they needed to guard against the demons, and while it's true he managed to get drugged by a 6-year-old, so did even canny Cephelo, so I can't hold that against him. And giving that shell from his mom to Mags actually made me tear up, a little. I knew there was no way they would be dragging a 6-year-old on their quest, but I can't believe that they killed a 6-year-old! It's like the show decided in this episode they were going to show how hardcore they were, and I for one do not approve.

4. Speaking of I do not approve: There is a lot of threatened sexual violence in this show, I have to say. And god, creepy torture Elf was really really creepy.

5. However, despite Amberle's reading of the bath scene (quite understandable given that Cephelo threatened to rape her what--48 hours ago or something?), I didn't think Eretreia was actually intending to be menacing, just trying to get Amberle back for implying she was a slut. Forget all the power dynamic stuff, though, because I believe we have canon bisexal Eretreia here! You go, Goughlar, and bring on the slash! Amberle/Eretreia is SO much more interesting to me than Wil/Eretreia.

6. Obviously Wil, Eretreia and Amberle aren't dead, though I expect now we're going to get to the quest proper since it's the 3 of them on their own to survive. Bring on all the threesome huddling-for-warmth fic, please!

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