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WTF is going on with the OTW elections?

I admit I don't pay a tremendous amount of attention to the OTW, other than to donate annually (mainly to support A03, though I also support the legal work they do for fandom), and I honestly was planning to do what I normally do and research the candidates closer to the actual election this year, since it's actually contested. I've been saving some links on the candidates and I did look at a few gossipy threads on ffa about the election and specifically the dismissal of Nikisha Sanders as treasurer, but otherwise not really paying attention.

But the fact that the board, in the middle of the election process, has to decided to unilaterally dismiss Nikisha Sanders as an eligible candidate, and at least from some reports against the protests of the election board , seems pretty shady to me. A number of the candidates who are running have spoken up in protest about this, which is good, but honestly, at the moment I feel like this whole election process has been rendered extremely shady, especially since one of the members of the Board who (presumably?) was part of this process is also running for re-election.

I wasn't actually planning on voting for Sanders, based on some of the links I listed above, but I do agree with some questions raised in this recent thread on ffa and Sanders' own recent discussion of her interactions with the board: if the board can unilaterally remove anyone without any public accountability, what's the point of having elections at all?

In the past when I read about the internal problems of the OTW, I mostly assumed that like every volunteer organization it had its problems, but overall it was doing good things for fandom. I voted and contributed money annually and took all the criticisms with a grain of salt. This particular incident seems to me to be demonstrating that the critics are right. Anyone with more knowledge than me about the internal workings of the OTW board want to weigh in on this? I have to say that at the moment I can't see continuing to contribute money to an organization that is this dysfunctional. I am really saddened by this.

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