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Happy babbling about the Arrow finale

I actually saved last week's episode to watch tonight, since I didn't think I could take the suspense, so I may end up talking about bits of both of them. But I loved the finale!

1. YAY! They did not kill Sara! Though just as I was cheering for that, it looked like they killed Detective Lance. But until he is declared dead on my screen and it has been at least another whole season, I refuse to believe he is dead. Hell, I think they could still bring Moira back via resurrection pit or however the hell they brought Merlyn back. [In fact, that would be a fun plotline for Thea next season. Yes, I'll pretend to be your shades-of-grey daughter so long as you resurrect my mom. Ok, maybe not, but a girl can dream, right?]

2. Also, they did not kill Slade! AMAZING! That leaves the door open for more Manu Bennett on my screen, which can never be a bad thing. [Oh, yeah, plus it means that Oliver didn't kill, so points for that, though if there is a worse revenge than trapping him back on that island again with ARGUS's support + thanking him for turning Oliver into a hero, I don't know what it would be].

3. Just about all of my favorite pairings got interesting developments in this, starting with Sarah/Nyssa. And holy hell was Nyssa good in this--I want ALL THE FIC, people, about Sara's newfound semi-heroism turning Nyssa from the dark side (though probably only to the grey-ish side of the force), and doing shady things for good together, or something of that sort. Because DAMN.

I must repeat, DAMN. The villains on this show (or at any rate, Slade and Nyssa) are way too attractive and charismatic; I end up wanting to root for them.

And speaking of villains, I loved that EVERYBODY pretty much ended up having to team up with their nemeses/archenemies to save the city. That's actually one of my favorite tropes, so I really loved it.

4. Going back to pairings with interesting development, Lyla is pregnant? Wow! I hope they don't go the kill her off/have a miscarriage route, because that's a great development. I think maybe they won't, just because it looks like ARGUS is going to take the place of the island for the history backstory next year? Which totally excites me (a) because Amanda Waller is a kickass character, even when I'm loving to hate her, like tonight and (b) I was SO sick of island flashbacks, even though they were more interesting this year than last year. Anyway, I hope she doesn't face serious repercussions for working with John to stop the drone strike.

5. And wow, the Felicity/Oliver thing: even during the scene, I thought Felicity was being weird, so I wasn't completely surprised that they backtracked on it--but during that scene I was overjoyed that he told her he loved her. ARGH, so many feelings. I love the pairing but I'm happy with it not becoming textual for a while, at least? I guess? But it definitely felt genuine and not acted in the moment, even if Oliver was saying it strategically. I don't know!!!!

But romantic or not, I love how she refuses to let him lose faith in himself, and how she convinces him he's got to actually outthink Slade, which leads to him trusting her in the pivotal scene. So yay for their relationship even if it isn't going to an immediately romantic place.

6. I feel kind of bad for Roy, because now he has no superpowers AND no girlfriend, and I couldn't decide if he was looking at the mask thinking "goddammit Oliver, you've taken away everything I really wanted," or "now I must embrace the stoic life of the hero since my love is gone."

7. The Thea developments honestly look like they're going to be really fun. I loved all of her interactions with Merlyn--that her first impulse is to shoot him (and then be horrified) and that his reaction is to be tickled, because Tommy couldn't do it. Oh, Malcolm Merlyn, you are certainly an INTERESTING villain, and I can't wait to see where this is going next year.

8. This is the first episode in a long time that I really loved Laurel--especially her speech to Sara about her not being a bad person. So I really loved the symbolic passing of the Canary role, via the leather jacket. That was a fantastic scene.

9. What am I forgetting? I am happy that Sebastian finally woke up and realized Slade was not going to be helping Starling, and that through his own monomania he managed to help get the Mirakuru cure to Ollie & crew, though it cracks me up that he thought he could still be mayor after that. [Speaking of which, does that city even have an infrastructure any more? The mayor and the district attorney are dead, half the cops are dead, and plus they're still recovering from the destruction of the Glades last year. I wonder if that's going to play a role in whatever day job Oliver gets next year]. And I can't remember: did Isabel get killed, cured, or something else?

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