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Agents of Shield

I really liked last night's episode.

1. Fanboy!Coulson (specifically, his fumbling interactions with Steve in Avengers) is really when I started empathizing with Coulson, and while I've been a little annoyed with his character progression on the show recently, I loved how excited he was by the Gabe Jones spycraft stuff. And that was just really fun tech, too--I saw a review (possibly [personal profile] musesfools?) that compared it to Get Smart, and it definitely had that 60s vibe, which I loved. Retro high-tech is just so much more fun than regular high-tech; it's like the steampunk for our generation.

2. I really like how they are integrating Triplett into the crew, having him bond first with Coulson and later with Fitz over the tech. They better not be setting him up to be killed off! But I suspect that he is Ward's semi-permanent replacement.

3. I do think they're eventually going for a redemption arc with Ward, since they're giving him a semi-sympathetic backstory, but my prediction is that Garrett is going to die within the next few episodes (maybe in the finale or early next season) and that Ward will be the main baddie for a while. This just seems to be what they're setting up, with his coldhearted attempt on Fitz and Simmons.

(I don't think either of them are going to die, BTW, not just because of the general rules of network television, but also because they deliberately filmed it showing (a) the drop into the water wasn't very far, so it was quite survivable and (b) they deliberately showed Triplett giving Fitz the homing device).

4. I'm bemused that the biggest debate about this episode was who killed the dog. In my initial viewing, I just assumed it was Garrett due to the timing--Ward let the dog go when he couldn't shoot him close range, and then Garrett killed it to drive his point home about not becoming attached. (I think if that reading of the scene turns out to be the case, Ward will end up killing Garrett, with a "you are the one who taught me not to become attached). I do see how the argument that it was Ward, who can kill at a distance at that point but not face-to-face, is also plausible. I may actually have to go back and rewatch that scene to see if there are more clues. I was actually expecting Ward to kill Garrett in this episode, honestly, and while the fact that he instead helped save him (and "killed" FitzSimmons for him) reinforces his commitment to Garrett, it also shows Ward hasn't completely internalized Garrett's lesson about not caring, which I'm sure will eventually be significant in his redemption arc. [I'm trying not to object to that arc simply because I'm absolutely sure it's coming, so I see no point in inveighing against the inevitable, even though I find Ward far more interesting as a villain.]

5. Garrett also got some interesting backstory here, but it just made him more mustache-twirly. [I mean, deliberately creating a bond between a kid and a dog just to test the kid by making him kill the dog? Why not just have him eat babies and be done with it?] The fact that he was betrayed by SHIELD and was the first Deathlok just makes what he's been doing to Mike Peterson even more heinous.

7. So, who's going to betray Garrett first: Raina or Mike? Well, probably Raina, since he doesn't have the hold over her he has over Mike, but I'm seriously seriously hoping we get Mike on TEAM SHIELD (or whatever we're calling it in the future next season), since he is so OBVIOUSLY being coerced. Let's "redeem" (or rather rescue) him first, please????

But Raina--wow, she is totally disillusioned by Garrett, and I was deeply surprised she actually helped save his life. I was really expecting her not to. I would bet there's something like a 75% chance she's the one who ends up killing Garrett, especially if that's happening in the next episode. I also love how well she's reading the overall situation and trying to drive a wedge between Garrett and Ward via the story about Skye.

8. It will be interesting if Skye's parents turn out to be Kree!

9. Coulson and Maye impersonating Fitz and Simmons to try to infiltrate that facility was the cutest thing ever. OMG, May makes an adorable nerd. And I love the idea that Cybertek keeps all paper records--so very smart!

10. I started with Coulson's fanboying, so maybe I'll end with Fitz's: I love that he's the one still trying to have faith in Ward, and voicing all the prominent fan theories (like maybe he's being controlled by Garrett), though I felt bad that this set him up for an even more horrific betrayal. But wow, they really coded that whole thing like Ward chose his secret boyfriend over his SHIELD boyfriend, didn't they? (Not that I mind).

It does make me wonder about the Ward-Mike Peterson parallels, though. Both of them start out on their road by trying to protect a young, defenseless relative. We saw in the last episode that Mike blames SHIELD, to an extent, for his son's endangerment; I just hope he's still redeemable and he's not going to end up like Ward. I'm not going to complain too much if they redeem Ward (even though I'm completely uninterested in that plotline) UNLESS they fail to redeem Mike. If they turn Mike into a full-fledged villain and redeem Ward, I will be completely pissed.

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