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Agent of SHIELD--last 2 minutes?

My DVR had a major glitch and I missed the revelation in the last 2 minutes about Coulson--could anyone tell me what happened? (Obviously spoilers possible in the comments). Edited to add: Never mind. I got the info from elsewhere on the interwebz. And now a couple brief comments on the episode itself:

1. MARIA HILL, MARIA HILL, MARIA HILL. I don't know whether to wish she would be in every episode or to be happy, as the friend I was watching with said, that Cobie Smulders not being a regular means that they can't fuck up her character with their bad writing. (Actually I really liked tonight's episode, and am keeping my fingers crossed for the future, but while I love the new plot arcs the dialogue is still often quite clunky).

2. MARIA HILL CALLS PEPPER WHEN SHE NEEDS TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE SENATE. Canon friendship, baby! Love, love, love. They get cocktails together, and Pepper complains about Tony (affectionately of course) and Maria complains about government agencies.

3. I also loved Maria calling out the CIA for their slow response time. Awesome.

4. May and Maria's interaction was also excellent, and I loved that May took out all of the CIA peeps in seconds.

5. Wait, there were other parts of the ep besides May and Maria? Ok, I am a little worried that Maria took out those military dudes--isn't that going to mess up her deal?

6. Actually, I thought Skye was also pretty great in this ep, especially when she was calling Ward out for his duplicity. I loved both that she didn't fall for his bullshit AND that she didn't want to just cold-bloodedly kill him. (Do I think she should have? Probably, but apparently the good guys on this show don't do that, which I'm especially ok with now that they have no actual government backing/legal standing). [Not that I'm down with the government ordering assassinations and that kind of thing, but now they really are totally vigilantes].

7. Fitz freaking out about Ward was like half of the responses I saw online right after the HYDRA reveal--I loved that he too went to the coercion/brainwashing route, just since it makes that unlikely to be true.

8. Poor Mike. Seriously, they should help free that poor guy, though I don't know how they can permanently keep his son safe.

9. I am now REALLY worried that Jemma is Hydra. Don't break my heart that way, show! But I loved how competent she was with the autopsy.

10. Hmm. Coulson was behind the TAHITI project. Really, really didn't see that coming. So he caused his own memory wipe, really. We still don't know about the implanted memories, though--HYDRA could have had a hand in that.

All in all, I'm really looking forward to the next two episodes.

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Apr. 30th, 2014 04:35 pm (UTC)
Interesting episode. I could only see bits and pieces as my non-cable signal kept cutting in and out constantly. I saw that Skye knew about Ward and so Fitz knows as well? Anyone else? Or is it general knowledge now?

So the big reveal was that Coulson was behind the TAHITI project? Yikes, talk about irony!

I would have loved to have seen more Maria. I knew she was in episode but couldn't see or hear much. *sighs* Free TV ain't what it used to be!
Apr. 30th, 2014 10:18 pm (UTC)
I think they post them on the ABC site, if you can watch that way. And yes, the whole team now knows about Ward, but Fitz was in major denial when he first found out.
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