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Last night's tv

As I think I've mentioned before, I watch Tuesday night TV live with a friend. We started watching Agents of Shield since he was a big Marvel fan, and I got him hooked on Supernatural since it starts right afterward. Of course, with last night's "special event" (Dear ABC, rerunning the episode that aired last week does NOT count as a special event), I had to make a choice about which show we'd watch live and which I would DVR, and since I was unspoiled for SPN I think I made the wrong choice, dammit.

Supernatural spoilers, mostly for the surprise appearance of someone:

I was extremely happy about the appearance of Gabriel--to the extent that I really, really started my friend by screaming so loud. It was really the only part of the episode I cared about--I generally like meta episodes of this show, but I didn't really see the point of last night's ep. Is it just to say "it doesn't matter what you do, Castiel, you're screwed either way?" Or just to show Metatron is very powerful? I'm not sure what else we were supposed to get from that.

But that doesn't matter, because I could watch those scenes with Gabriel over and over, ad infinitum. Here are my stages of Gabriel reaction:

1. Casa erotica, really? Damn, next thing you know, they'll have Gabriel show up.
2. Squeals of joy so high pitched they could be heard by DOGS IN SPACE
3. OMG, OMG, OMG I'm so happy they brought back Gabriel!
4. Eager anticipation of all the fic that will be spurred by this episode
5. Wondering why *this* is the crisis that brought back Gabriel. Dammit, he should have helped during the whole Leviathan mess, or the Godstiel mess.
6. Wow, he's really stepping up to help out. Shit, they're just going to kill him off at the end of this episode. Dammit, SPN writers, no fair resurrecting a character just to kill him off again!
7. (During his self-sacrifice speech in the convenience store): Wow, this is kind of lame dialogue. It sounds like something Metatron would write. Oh dammit, is this all some sort of Metatron illusion?
8. (After the reveal): the denial stage: Just because he's an invention of Metatron doesn't mean he's really not alive, does it? [And conversation with friend about Team Free Will fic, and where if anywhere angels go when they die, and whether there actually is a God in the SPN verse and if Chuck was God, etc.

So that's pretty much the entirety of my reaction to last night's episode. WHY did I think it was better to DVR AOS? Why? (Oh, yeah. Because I wasn't completely sure my DVR would record while I was watching something else live, since I've never tested that before).

Anyway, onward to brief Agents of SHIELD reactions:

To be honest, after last week I really expected better. I mean, I generally like what they're doing plotwise and, to a certain extent, character-wise, but I think the overall writing and dialogue is still very very mediocre. :-(

Coulson was especially annoying to me in this episode. First of all, since he's supposed to be the main good guy on this show, I found his lack of a strong argument for staying and facing the music really problematic. Yes, HYDRA really needs to be hunted down (they are a marvel of efficiency in this episode), but that doesn't mean rogue SHIELD agents are the best way to do it. I mean, I can see for show purposes why making them go rogue is the thing to do, but he needs to sell it better. Similarly, when you're going to erase everyone's identities, how about talking to them about it first? That doesn't seem like a decision you make unilaterally. I know they were trying to set up a conflict between Coulson's authoritarianism and the other characters but I feel like they went too far.

I did like Jemma standing up for Triplett, though, and pointing out that the chain of command no longer really exists. (And also the irony that Coulson doesn't trust Triplett but he does trust Ward).

I also really liked May confronting Coulson, because I totally agree from her perspective that him assuming the coordinates were from Nick was kind of crazy and possibly a sign of mental deterioration. I knew there was going to be a base there just because of the role Coulson plays in the show, but I think plotwise it would have been a lot more interesting for them not to find it for an episode or so.

Lanyard guy was pretty hilarious, though I feel bad for him, being trapped underground for 2 years.

I think Ward was definitely the most interesting character in this episode, though. He has so much more depth now! And it's interesting that he's willing to acknowledge his conflicts to Garrett. I really doubt, at this point, they're going for a brainwashed by Garrett/mind-controlled plotline, though it does feel like they're going to establish a "legitimate villain changed by love" plot instead. Yawn. But that's just because I'm completely uninvested in Ward/Skye--if I were interested in their romance, I can see how this would be fun.

I'm also really loving the return of Raina, who I think is a much more interesting villain than Garrett.

I almost feel like HYDRA was too competent in this episode. Now that they have all the alien tech and exotic weapons they could ever want, how the heck are five people on the bus going to stop them? But I guess it does set up a lot of plotlines beyond Ward's betrayal.

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Apr. 16th, 2014 10:42 pm (UTC)
Hmm, except for feeling like I was trapped in The Twilight Zone or Groundhog Day for AoS, I rather enjoyed the episodes. I like that evil little look of satisfaction Ward had watching Skye walk away from him once he was in the Canadian secret base.

Lanyard Guy was cute but I hoped he liked to read a lot because being alone for two years? Even me the introvert would get twitchy at that!

I understand everyone's hostility toward May but that's the secret agent biz: everyone spies on everyone else, and there's good reason to wonder about Coulson, who looked a little frayed at the edges with his 'hunch'.

Nice mention of Cap destroying the Helicarriers. DC, take notes. Referring to other heroes in your 'verse is a GOOD THING! The only one who got that right was Smallville, believe it or not, and maybe Arrow.

I like Raina. I like her feeling of betrayal at finding out the Clairvoyant was a fraud. Garrett is waaay too confident, the smug bastard.

I hope Ward remains 'evil' but I wouldn't mind redemption.

I'm enjoying this very much. Glad I stuck with this show after the dreadfully slow start!
Apr. 17th, 2014 12:05 am (UTC)
I really do like the developments with Ward and the Hydra crew; it's the other elements that felt a bit too clunky for me. Though my total sympathies are with May, honestly; she was doing her job. And Coulson really needs to decide whether he really favors personal or professional loyalty, because he's swinging back and forth between those two so rapidly it's giving me whiplash. And I say this as someone who started watching the show because of Coulson.
Apr. 17th, 2014 06:33 pm (UTC)
Either it's bad writing with Coulson, or they want to show that he's not quite himself. I did like his desperation in the last episode. Everything's he's believed in for years was suddenly ripped away from him (boy, will he be able to understand Steve more than ever now) and it made him jumpy, especially hearing that Fury was dead.

I can only feel that since his resurrection was so creepy, that there's something there that might surprise us down the line. I can't get the image of the robot or whatever-it-was fiddling with his brain while he begs to die. *shudders* It just made me think of the classic Frankenstein so much.
Apr. 17th, 2014 10:52 pm (UTC)
Well, it's true that everything he's experienced lately is likely causing him to challenge his whole worldview--that SHIELD was actually Hydra is only the icing on the cake. (And we really don't know what they programmed into his brain--such a scary thought!)
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