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Agents of Shield

Huh. Agents of SHIELD was actually good last night. (Well, my standards are very very low for that show, but I definitely enjoyed it). Behind the cut, spoilers not just for the ep but also for Thor: The Dark World.

1. First of all, SIF! YAY SIF! They could make a whole movie about Sif and I would totally be onboard, so I really enjoyed a Sif-centric episode. Specific things I liked about her plotline:

a. She contined to demonstrate something I really appreciated about Thor: The Dark World: that Asgardian tech is more advanced than Earth tech, they just don't tend to use it as much. (She figured out the SHIELD interface easily and made a comment to that effect). So please, please, please Avengers fandom, stop with the "Thor is a technological dunderhead" plotlines.

b. She (and Lorelai) also demonstrated just how strong Asgardians are compared to the average human. I loved how easily she moved that camper, for example. (GUH. I didn't realize I had a thing for superstrong women!) It also made Lorelai's defeat of May more plausible to me.

c. I loved that she remembered who Coulson was and referenced Thor's friendship. YAY.

d. I was totally fascinated by the idea that Odin (i.e. Loki) wants Lorelai brought back to Asgard. Why oh why does he want that so much? I'm very curious.

2. I didn't think I was at all invested in the whole May/Ward thing, but apparently I am--at least, I was completely outraged for her sake (a) at the hints of Ward/Skye in the opening scenes and (b)that Lorelai basically whammied Ward into sex with her. [Also, I didn't think Ward actually did anything for me but I will confess his butt looked really cute in those black boxers]. And I was a little sad that they appeared to have broken up.

3. Jemma being all stern doctor to Skye was cuter than a cute thing. I also loved Jemma's comment about Fitz always getting knocked out.

4. I couldn't quite buy Coulson's reasoning for keeping the alien's existence from the team, but I did love his subtle attempt to question Sif about blue aliens, and I do think it sets up an intra-team conflict that is at least psychologically realistic. But the thing I loved the most was May turning out to be a spy! I mean, part of me hates it because I like her and I definitely don't sympathize with SHIELD in those show--right now I'm pretending she's just reporting directly to Fury, not to random SHIELD supervisors--but I'm fascinated by the idea that this confidential relationship she's developing with Coulson is actually a front. I thought, maybe, that I could put up with Skye/Ward squickiness if it meant May was going to hook up with Coulson, and I still kind of want that now because the layers of betrayal will make this far, far more interesting than anything in this show so far.

Wow, a plot development I am actually interested in! I don't necessarily think they'll keep it up, but I am cautiously optimistic.

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Mar. 13th, 2014 04:45 pm (UTC)
I wasn't able to see this week's episode so this review is very helpful! Sif sounded great. Sorry I missed her.

May a spy? Darn, and she had such good chemistry with Coulson! Though maybe she'll be conflicted. *hope, hope* :)
Mar. 13th, 2014 05:20 pm (UTC)
I think Television Without Pity is recapping this show, if you need more specific details.

I would actually love it if she and Coulson hooked up because she's trying to monitor him and she started having second thoughts.
Mar. 13th, 2014 10:02 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the rec!

And it's a spy's life: never trust anyone, even your closest friends! ;)
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