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Yuletide recs

I'm slowly working my way through Yuletide, though I'm only up to "S." Still, have some recs (and note I'm omitting Arrow and Sleepy Hollow from these, because I think you should just read ALL the stories in those fandoms--they were all excellent, as far as I'm concerned).

A-Babies v. X-babies, I always need to be sure of you. Completely adorable baby Avengers: 5 times Bucky Bear knew he was Steve’s favorite.

Appalachian Murder Ballads, Rose in June . "Nobody in all of God’s earth was going to take us out of our home. We got bit and died, or we got buried and rose back up, and well, that was the Lord’s business. But no way were we walking out of there of our own accord. If they wanted us gone they’d have to drag us out." A zombie twist to a traditional story, with a great narrative voice.

Biblefic, Flowers of Perhaps. I didn’t even remember Michal (David’s first wife), but I generally like Biblefic and decided to give this a try, and it is a gorgeous and heartbreaking look at what it means to be a daughter and wife of royalty in ancient Israel. 30,000 words.

Calvin and Hobbes, Hello Operator, Please Give Me Number Nine. Susie Derkins, now a college senior, plays Calvinball with Death.

Cinderella, The glass slippers. The femslash version of Cinderella.

Fast and the Furious, It's hard to do these things alone. Brian can talk to cars. Seriously awesome.

Fast and the Furious, Dominic and Submission (Dom/Brian). I hadn't realized how much this fandom needed a BDSM AU until I read this.

Galaxy Quest, SMOF. You just don't talk about GalaxyQuestCon 99. One fan finds out exactly why. Awesome story with great fannish meta.

Greek mythology crossover with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, A New Point of View. Persephone visits the Island of Misfit toys and learns something about herself. This crossover sounded like total crack, but it's actually quite lovely.

Jolene (the Dolly Parton Song) Summer Rain. Very little to do with the actual song, but a really fantastic fantasy AU where Jolene is a mercenary hired by an heir to the throne to help recapture her throne. Excellent world-building.

Legally Blonde, Serious. "Yes," Elle said seriously. "If that is how you identify, I am one hundred percent committed to supporting your self-expression as a queer princess lawyer." Very sweet Elle/Vivan.

Norse Mythology, Parades’ Beginning, Middle and End. Crackalicious Fun. "This is the story of how the Bifrost, also known as the Rainbow Bridge, and the biannual Bifrost Trans Pride parade came to be."

Northern Exposure, It Came From Outer Space. An apocalypse is coming to Cicely, and everyone reacts very much in character. "I've always been an appreciate-the-sunrise kind of guy, but there's something a little bit special about what might be the last one I see from where I sit. This is 'Chris in the Morning' on KBHR, and I wish you a happy apocalypse." Awesome.

Practical Magic, A Pool in a Peaceful Place. A great look at the older Owens sisters--their loves and losses before Sally and Gillian come into their lives.(Includes canonical character deaths)

Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing . No More than Reason Beatrice and Benedick adjusting to married life. The dialogue is truly fantastic.

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