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Recent TV

Pretty mindless reflections on mindless TV. (Though from now on I'll probably be behind on everything, since mostly I'm watching time shifted. I still don't know when I'll get to watch all my shows!

1. I enjoyed all five minutes we got of guilt-free Damon and Elena, but I guess I knew they couldn't be uncomplicated. But honestly I didn't actually expect anyone to go off to college, even though I guess they kind of set it up last season.
2. Speaking of college, at the beginning I was kind of having flashbacks to season 4 Buffy, where I spent the first few college episodes bored out of my mind, but making the roommate a possible hunter and then killing her off in the first episode actually made me think I might like this plotline, especially with the mysterious link to Elena's father.
3. I really liked the use of Liz in this episode, both her being motherly to Caroline (obviously) but also being Elena's parents' proxy and in that extremely shocking scene where Silas is drinking her blood, but now that they killed off Bonnie's dad so cavalierly I'm really terrified she's next, since she's literally the only adult family member any of the main cast has left alive.
4. Speaking of Bonnie--damn. That poor girl can't get a break. The scene where she reacted to Silas murdering her dad was heartbreaking. Still, she really needs to stop faking being alive so Caroline and Elena can find a solution. I can't deal with ghost Bonnie for a whole season, even if it does increase her reasons to spend time with Jeremy.
5. And while I am on the subject of Jeremy--huh! I haven't been interested in his plotline in a while, but I kind of liked him in this episode. Probably because I've always found him the least annoying when he's interacting with Bonnie, but also because I actually feel bad for him, having to pretend he faked his own death. Oh, the problems of miraculous resurrections they never put on the instruction box! I also really loved his interactions with Damon in this episode, and that Damon has a soft spot for him for Elena's sake.
6. I am intrigued by the couple who stalked Matt, and really hope he was ok. I'm glad he got to have fun sexytime adventures with Rebecca, anyway, and am doubly glad they didn't steal him for the Originals, since that's the only thing that would have convinced me to watch that show, and I don't want to watch it. I do hope Matt is ok and hasn't been demonized or something--that's the one supernatural being we haven't had on the show yet, right?
7. So very very bored with drowning, tempted Stefan. I hope they resolve that plot soon.

Sleepy Hollow

OMG, that bit at the beginning with Ichabod talking about true love with the Onstar lady was absolutely priceless. I saw a review somewhere where someone said that they would like to see Ichabod's "man out of time" experience played for pathos, not humor, and while I agree that I would like to see that eventually, right now I am really enjoying the humor. And anyway, it was Abbie's turn for pathos this week.

I actually have a hard time seeing what Abbie did to her sister as betrayal--she was 13 years old, in foster care, and basically smart enough to know what not to say. If anything, I think her true betrayal was not convincing Jenny to keep her mouth shut. (Whether Jenny could have learned that, since she seems to be a truth above consequences person, is another matter entirely). Still, I definitely understand why Jenny feels betrayed, and why Abby know understands her own behavior as betrayal. And I just love the exploration of the complexity of their relationship now. (And I hope someone will take [personal profile] musesfool's suggestion and write the SPN AU centering around the Mills sisters, because YES.)

The thing with the Hessians cracked me up, I have to say. They've been undercover in Sleepy Hollow for 200 years but still speak with German accents? Ok. (Otherwise you couldn't make bad Nazi parallels, I guess). Also, the solution to the Hessian/Key of Solomon problem is by throwing the Nazis into the fire? (I realize they also destroyed the book, but it seems unlikely to me that you stop demons from entering our world through human sacrifice. I was half expecting that to be the thing that actually allowed Moloch to break free.) I'm really not into this show for the supernatural stuff, and plotlines like that one are why. It's fine--I can handwave cheesy supernatural plots for the excellent character relationship stuff

Supernatural, which I can only comment on in epistolary form

1. Dear Dean: YOU ARE THE BIGGEST CODEPENDENT IDIOT WHO EVER LIVED. OMG, you have basically sold Sam to an angel because you can't let go of him. Gee, do you think this could be problematic to someone who spent a huge part of his life trying not to be Lucifer's vessel? Do you think Ezekiel might be playing a long game here to get control of Lucifer's vessel? DUH??? I know, I know, you sold your soul etc. etc. showing you can't let go of Sam, and for meta show reasons you also can't let go of Sam, but OMG. DUMBEST FUCK ON THE PLANET.

2. Dear Castiel: You are the second dumbest fuck on the planet, and I'm kind of annoyed that your season-long plot is clearly going to be running from every angel, because I was looking forward to seeing you become human (and those bits were the most charming parts of the episode, especially that scene in the laundromat when you were in your boxers debating clean clothes v. water/food), but I don't know about this war. And that's because:

3. Dear SPN writers: We have established canon that when angels fall, they enter babies! I think this adult vessel thing is totes cheating. I guess angel radio is canonical, but again, cheating. And shouldn't all their graces be in trees somewhere or something? I am very very confused. And I do hope it's going to be more complicated than "every single angel ever v. Castiel" because that could get old quickly.

4. Dear Sam: Go with Death! You know you want to! You deserve peace! (Ok, I don't actually want Sam to die, but the only other scene I really liked in the episode was his conversation with Death, and how he so very clearly wants to rest. And when you've died as many times as he has, that's understandable. And also, wow, still so much guilt--he doesn't want anyone to get hurt bringing him back.)

5. Dear Bobby: I've missed you! Come back as a dreamwalker anytime, really.

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Oct. 10th, 2013 02:09 am (UTC)
I can handwave cheesy supernatural plots for the excellent character relationship stuff
Me too! I never liked any previous incarnation of Ichabod because the narratives were so cruel to him so am delighted he gets to be funny, sexy & smart here. And I love the growing rapport with Abby.

Dear Dean: YOU ARE THE BIGGEST CODEPENDENT IDIOT WHO EVER LIVED. OMG, you have basically sold Sam to an angel because you can't let go of him.
I don't know if this is what they intended, but to me it almost seemed like Death would be a relief to Sam, to get out from under the suffocating weight of Dean's love & expectation. It fits with Sam trying to live a normal life last year. Would be an interesting arc but perhaps darker than SPN wants to go.
Oct. 10th, 2013 02:55 am (UTC)
I don't have any experience with Sleepy Hollow characters prior to this, but I am definitely enjoying this Ichabod.

Yeah, I agree with your reading of Sam. Not that he actually wants to die, but he's wanted a normal life for so long, and that's never going to be possible--and Dean really, really, really needs to be able to live for himself rather than for Sam. (And vice versa).
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