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TV now, TV now

Why yes, I have been watching episodes on the CW page, and therefore have a hard time getting that jingle out of my head, why do you ask?

Anyway, I actually watched both this week's Supernatural AND this week's Vampire Diaries in a timely manner and am writing commentary! Don't everyone drop dead of shock. First, regarding Supernatural (and I am likely to mention the past couple episodes as well):

I have to be honest. I was so not into the whole first half of the season that I actually skipped a couple episodes (the ones with Benny and Sam's relationship drama) because I just didn't care. I was pretty sure I was going to give up the show entirely, but the last few episodes have actually drawn me back in. I know it's a huge retcon, but I'm really loving the whole Men of Letters plotline and the Batcave and the idea that Dean finally gets to have a home of his own. It's like every domestic Wincest fic I ever read back in the day! But actual canon! I'm not going to complain about fanservice. (And speaking of which--having both of the boys running around in glasses this episode? Humina. Especially the ones Sam had on).

I also am starting to really love Kevin (though I fear for his continued life, considering how he's living and those pep pills Dean gave him), and the quest to close the gates of hell at least interests me. And I like the way it ended up that Dean isn't going to get to make the sacrificial play again. I like Sam's vision of things better, where they accomplish the mission AND they both survive. Heck, not having one of them die/go to hell or purgatory would be a surprise ending for this season, honestly.

And as for Vampire Diaries "Down the Rabbit Hole,"

I've seen a lot of people worrying about Jeremy being really dead because he wasn't wearing his ring/it doesn't work on hunters, but I don't think he is both for textual and extra-textual reasons. Just from the metanarrative perspective, it's too early in the season for them to kill off such a major character; if they were really killing Jeremy it would happen in May, I think. And honestly I don't think we can discount what Shane has been saying over and over: Silas supposedly can raise the dead. My prediction is that he really can, but it comes with all sorts of consequences (just like Bonnie raising Jeremy last time had consequences) which they'll discover only after Jeremy is raised and then they'll realize it's imperative Silas not raise anybody new. I'm assuming Silas is going to turn out to be the next big bad once the originals move on to their own show?

And speaking of that--I haven't read anything else about it except that it's going to happen, but it does change my prediction as to who is going to get the cure. I would have predicted Rebecca if not for the spinoff. I had a pretty good idea through this whole plotline that they weren't going to cure Elena, and obviously Stefan's not going to take it if Elena doesn't, and if Klaus has his own spinoff they're not going to successfully make him take it either. I suppose no one could end up taking it because they hold onto it to try to kill Silas?

I wasn't spoiled about Tyler leaving again, and I have to say his scenes with Caroline are the first time in a long time I've actually felt anything about that relationship. Though I am clearly a bad, bad person because now that he is gone for a while I really want Caroline and Klaus to have some great hatesex. (Well, hatesex on her part, anyway). I don't actually ship them--I recognize that Klaus is completely evil, and I like Caroline enough to realize she deserves better--I just think they have fantastic chemistry. Kind of like Rebecca and Stefan's chemistry. My one regret about the spinoff is that it's going to end Rebecca and Stefan's relationship, which I kind of like--but I do have a thing for enemy (or ambiguous ally) relationships, I guess.

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Feb. 16th, 2013 09:34 pm (UTC)
Both SPN boys were super-cute in those glasses.

I really hope Kevin survives. He's so sweet & the actor does a great job with the character.
Feb. 17th, 2013 06:04 am (UTC)
I hope Kevin makes it too, if for no other reason than they've killed off most of the other recurring characters that I like!


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