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Random thoughts on The Good Wife

I don't have anything profound to say about last night's episode, just a couple of reactions.

1. I love Alicia in parenting mode, so I really liked the bits where she reacted to Zach finding out about the affair, and especially the part where she warned him she was going to kiss him on the forehead. (Plus his reply that tucking him in was too far. Hee!))

2. I am dying to know if Jackie was planning on snooping to a particular purpose or just a general one, and I *really* wish we'd gotten some of the conversation between her, Owen, and tantric sex guy.

3. I love Owen! Especially when he's in supportive/curious brother mode. I love that he pushes and doesn't stop pushing even when she is withdrawing into her usual Alicia reserve, and I really liked the fact that she finally confided in him at the end. (Also that she's not in love with Will, because I really don't see that as a long term relationship).

4. Kalinda was interesting in this episode. The firm is treating her like she's superwoman or something, with the ability to investigate all things for all people, and she came through but I wonder what they're setting up here, since she really can't be expected to do the work of 2 investigators all the time. I'm wondering if they're planning either on (a) bringing in a new investigator (maybe her blond ex?) or (b) eventually having Eli leave the firm and take Kalinda with him. (B) seems like a viable possibility, given that now we're seeing the inherent problems of Eli housing himself in Lockhart Gardner.

5. Eli defending cheese is a deeply humorous prospect, though I have to say the whole Listeria plotline seemed very "ripped from the headlines." It was interesting to see him actually stumble because of Will's unintentional leak, though. And I really did love seeing him and Diane at loggerheads, each passionately convinced they were the one in the right.

6. I also really enjoyed Lisa Edelstein, and am looking forward to her longer guest stint. The little glimpse she gave us of Will's gambling past was especially compelling.

7. This week I was actually interested in the case, but I also loved the behind-the-scenes chess game with Will and Alicia successfully outmaneuvering Lisa Edelstein. That smile Alicia had after storming out playing jealous wounded girlfriend was fantastic! Though I also liked her getting scolded by the mediator, because it is actually true that they played him, and Alicia has to own up to what she's actually doing, no matter how distasteful she finds it. I really liked the mediator, too--as always, this show manages to give the minor characters a lot of personality even when they only have a little bit of screentime.

8. And speaking of making the best of just a little screentime--Cary was onscreen for what, about a minute? And yet it felt like he really stole the show here, calling Kalinda on her manipulating tactics. I loved her response, too. I wonder if we're going to get to see any rapprochement between them, or if things will just keep getting worse.

9. Finally, I am really curious about the reporter and her possible connection to Peter Florrick. He seems to be systematically going after Lockhart Gardner, but in a very subtle way. I really don't think I would want that man as my enemy.



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