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Recs for a winter's day

Or a summer's day, if you're in the southern hemisphere. No actual seasonality implied in the recs; I just suck at titling my posts.

Anyway, here are some RPS recs of the CWRPS variety, generally involving the J's in some manner, though also including het, threesomes and foursomes:

Threesomes etc:

Truth or Dare (Jared/Jensen/Danneel) by longsufferingly. This is mostly a PWP, but a SCORCHINGLY hot PWP: Jared, Jensen and Danneel have been best friends their whole lives. Now they're 15, and feeling experimental. And "Truth or Dare" is a great laboratory for experimentation.

Too Loose to Fake (Jared/Jensen/Daneel/Sandy) by beckaandzac. Jensen's in a loose kind of poly relationship with Jared and Sandy when he starts to fall hardcore for Danneel, and Jared and Sandy encourage him to pursue her. I think what I love best about this story is Jensen's total uncertainty when it comes to Danneel; it makes it all seem more real to me. Also, the Danneel in this story rocks.


TKO by vampphile (Jared/Jensen; some mild d/s). I'm not completely satisfied with this story--the ending, especially, felt a little abrupt or unfinished or something--but nevertheless it has one of the most interesting Jensens I've read in a long time, which is enough for me to rec the story. Jensen just got released from prison, and he's desparately trying to adjust to life on the outside, but he's extremely emotionally damaged, so it's a real struggle for him. Fortunately he gets some help, first from a kickass OC librarian, and then from Jared, who owns a gym. H/C is not my usual cup of tea, but this was so well done it honestly had me thinking I should be volunteering to help ex-cons adjust to society or something.

Keats and Yeats are on your side (And Wilde is on mine) by Scintilla10.
(Jared/Jensen). Absolutely adorable college AU, with wonderful banter and Jared learning how to play bass just to get into Jensen's pants get into the band.

Screw Someone Else's Roommate by longsufferingly (Jared/Jensen). Jared is lucky because Michael Rosenbaum is an AWESOME roommate, and can help him out with his hopeless crush on Jensen. Also features a fun Misha Collins as Jensen's roommate.

Rent-a-Santa (Jared/Jensen) by jeyhawk. Jensen is the mall Santa; Jared is taking his goddaughter for pictures. Their first date is a real comedy of errors. Hilarious, sweet and hot.


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Dec. 17th, 2009 10:13 am (UTC)
Thanks for these :) Have read Truth or Dare and the Keats and Yeats one and have enjoyed them both. Your recs are much appreciated I hope you know - even if I don't comment on your rec posts as often as I should I always read them. Hope you have a good Christmas :)
Dec. 20th, 2009 11:37 pm (UTC)
Thanks! And I hope you have a good Christmas as well.
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