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smutrecs fest day 12

The theme for today is "stories I reread when I really need sweet happy porn".

Today's Clex rec is Serafina's Pirate.

"Pirate" is a wonderfully sweet AU in which the Luthors (Lionel, Lex and Lucas) are pirates. When they capture a British ship carrying a mysterious cargo, Lionel leaves Lex in charge of it, and Lex meets the 15 year-old cabin boy, Clark. He is attracted to Clark, but doesn't want to sully his innocence. Clark is drawn to Lex even though his upbringing has taught him that such desires are wrong. As the two slowly fall in love with each other, they also have to deal with the machinations of Lucas, who is trying to find the mystery hidden on the ship. This is a long, plotty, and very romantic tale, with slowly rising sexual tension that is almost unbearably hot, like this scene were Clark is cutting Lex's hair:

Captain Luthor took a chair from the table and pulled it to the basin. He sat down, eyes locked on Clark in the mirror.

Suddenly, Clark felt a lot less sure of himself than he had the moment before. He moved so he was behind the captain, forcing himself not to look into the handsome face that was reflected before him. With a steady hand, but a stomach that felt like the sea during a violent storm, he gently brushed it over Captain Luthor's hair.

He'd been right: itwas silky. Clark bit his lip and ran his hand over it again, reveling in the texture.

The captain made a sound in his throat that caused Clark to look, startled, at him in the glass.

He was very still, eyes burning. There were two faint spots of color on his cheeks, and his breathing was shallow. It seemed to Clark as if the captain was trying very hard not to move, as if he were afraid something would happen if he did. Clark wondered if he were merely afraid Clark would slip and cut him, or if it was something more. He opened his mouth to ask, but stopped; maybe if he asked, if he gave voice to the captain's fears, he would ask Clark to stop. And Clark didn't want to stop.

He swallowed, feeling heat streak down through his body and pool at his groin. Tearing his eyes away from the glass, he dipped the blade in the basin and lifted the knife. Very carefully, he dragged it from the captain's forehead all the way back.

Strands of red fell away under the sharp blade, revealing soft, pale skin beneath.

Captain Luthor inhaled sharply as Clark lifted the blade and repeated the movement. Hair fell away with each stroke, baring more skin. He began to look oddly ... vulnerable. Naked, even, and all Clark wanted to do was cover the bared head and keep it safe.

The blade scrapped along the captain's scalp as Clark ran along the same path one more, determined to cut away every last strand. If the captain wanted it gone, then Clark would do his best to make sure it was gone.

The captain's eyes were hot. He hadn't moved his gaze from Clark's face, and it was so tangible, Clark couldn't look in the mirror at all. Not that not looking helped at all. The captain's eyes scorched across Clark's skin, racing along every limb and down his chest and stomach until heat pooled at his groin. His heart raced and his cheeks grew warm. Even his breathing increased as he continued to draw the blade over the captain's scalp, shearing away the silky-fine hair to reveal the skin beneath.

Clark didn't know what was happening to him. He'd never felt like this. Well, once. In Jamaica. When he'd gone to the brothel to make sure Whitney was safe and walked in on him and a lady of the night together. Another woman had drawn Clark aside and tried to, well, do what they do until she realized Clark had no money.

But then it had been because of women and sex. This was a man and ... and shaving. Still, there was no denying his feelings were the same: hot, pulsing, and hard. So hard, Clark's teeth ached.

There were two stripes left, right above each of the captain's ears. Very carefully, Clark bent the right one back. His fingers briefly, and only a little bit involuntarily, brushed against the gold hoop earring dangling from it.

Captain Luthor inhaled sharply, his eyes shutting.

Clark bit his lip, unsure if he'd done something wrong. When Captain Luthor said nothing, he very lightly brushed his finger against the hoop again. When he touched the hoop, his finger rubbed against the delicate skin indented behind the captain's earlobe.

Something that was like a moan sounded deeply in Captain Luthor's throat.

Clark's blood pulsed at the sound, his knees going weak. Quickly, before he succumbed to the sensations running through him, Clark dragged the blade over the strip of hair above Captain Luthor's ear. Then he repeated the movement on the other side, pulling the ear back as before, but careful not to touch the inviting indent beneath the lobe, even though he was sorely tempted.

"There," he said softly. He set the knife down and breathed out slowly. "'Tis done."

The Mystery Smallville recs of the day are
Caroline Baker's Schmoop (Clark/Whitney), and toadstoolsmiles's Seeing Other People." (Clark/Lex).

I remember, at the very beginning of season 1, really hating Whitney, but I thought he really grew as a character, and I was very sad when the producers killed him off in season 2. There was a fair amount of Clark/Whitney slash written in the first couple seasons of the show, but I haven't seen any new stories in this pairing in a long time. Schmoop is a long, sweet tale of first love, punctuated by lots and lots of conversations that seem much more realistic for high school students than a lot of Smallville writing. I also really love Martha and Jonathan's characterization in this story--back in season 1 it wasn't *impossible* that they were the type of people who had long conversations with Clark about their favorite writers. There's some very hot smut in this, though also just lots and lots of fun conversations about life and growing up and literature. Here's one of my favorite bits:

Clark's mom was washing a huge pile of vegetables in the kitchen.

"Hi, Clark," she said. "How was school?"

"Good," Clark said, getting a soda out of the fridge.

She turned around to look at him. "How'd you get so sweaty?"

"I was playing some basketball with the guys," Clark said.

Martha raised her eyebrows. "Clark, are you sure that was--"

Clark rolled his eyes. "I only flattened one guy, okay? And the EMTs were prompt, and, yeah, they couldn't save his arm, but he got a transfusion in plenty of time. He should be able to walk again in eight or nine months."

"Clark," Martha said.

"I'm gonna go change," Clark said.

Seeing Other People" technically isn't smut, but I'm including it in today's recs because it definitely *is* happyfic; it puts a smile on my face whenever I read it. Clark and Lex are in a relationship, but Lex decides that maybe they should see other people. The dialogue just *crackles* in this one:

They were dozing in the morning sun when it started.

“I think we should see other people,” Lex murmured to his lover, before turning over and feigning sleep.

“Sure, whatever.” Clark replied huffily, throwing over the covers and completely covering Lex.

Getting out of bed he removed the picture of his parents from the dresser, grabbed an armful of flannel shirts and moved them all into the spare room.

“But I’ve got a whole speech about Mesopotamian kings and their need to sow wild oats.” Lex shouted after him.

“Tell it to your empty bed, Lex.”

“And we we’re supposed to have really hot sex, one last time.”

Clark re-entered the room, straddled the billionaire and pulled him in for a long, passionate kiss.

Lex moaned and thrust into him.

Seconds after feeling the pressure, Clark got off the bed and walked towards the door.

“Guess you’re going to have to finish up on your own. You know, now that we’re seeing other people,” he smiled and walked off into his new bedroom.

Lex punched his pillow, knowing he had lost the first round.

Today's blast from the past rec is resonant8's Adorned". (Due South: Fraser/Kowalski)

Due South is the fandom the immediately preceded Smallville, for me, and I still read stories in it from time to time, so I'm going to have at least two days of Due South recs. And I have to start with Resonant, who is one of my favorite authors. "Adorned" is one of her most recommended stories, but there's a reason for that: it beautifully captures the slow progression of Ray and Fraser's relationship through the marks they leave on each other, and like all of her stories it has steamy and sensuous sex that is perfectly integrated into the character development. Here is a snippet:

Fraser in bed. Well. Not at all what Ray imagined.

For one thing, he's demanding as hell. Deeper. There. Slow. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Turns Ray on something fierce, but also stuns him. This is the guy who doesn't care what he eats or where he sleeps?

Fraser wants Ray to be demanding, too. Demands it, if that's not a contradiction.

Tell me.

God, Fraser -- your mouth --

Lick or suck? Tell me.

Ray waited nervously at first for some kind of roleplaying thing to take shape around this, but it never did. Fraser just wants to give Ray exactly what he wants. Well, that, and it seems to turn him on to hear Ray say the words.

He'd feel guilty except that just as often, Ray's the one being told what to do, and he loves it. Loves that Mr. Polite Mountie can make so free with his body.

So Ray's getting into some really bad habits, and he's going to have to unlearn some stuff if -- when -- if he ever has another lover. One who won't appreciate being dragged by the shirtfront into the bedroom and told, "Take your clothes off. Slowly."


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Feb. 13th, 2006 02:57 am (UTC)
I just want you to know that I feel so fortunate to have friended you. Each day since then, you've posted a Clex rec of the day and a mystery Smallville rec and I've been reading my little heart out. Some are new stories I had not yet read, some I've reread over again and enjoyed immensely. I really appreciate what you are doing for your friends list every day. Thank you so much! :)
Feb. 13th, 2006 07:23 am (UTC)
It's so sweet of you to say so! Thanks so much!
Feb. 14th, 2006 09:38 am (UTC)

I think this may well put a smile on my face everytime I see it for ever and ever and ever!

Thank you!
Feb. 14th, 2006 07:24 pm (UTC)
You're welcome!
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