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spn recs of happiness

One bigbang story and a few shorter ones.

I've been really looking forward to lazy_daze's J2 tennis AU, Topspin, and if anything it exceeded my expectations, because antagonists who hate each other but are so incredibly attracted to each other they can't stop having sex, and then eventually end up falling for each other, is pretty much my biggest bulletproof kink. And the ending was precisely the ending I wanted as soon as I read part one. Furthermore, though I no longer follow tennis very much, I grew up in the days of the big Bjorn Borg/John McEnroe rivalry, and watching Wimbledon for me is tied up with a lot of happy memories of family reunions and arguing with my aunts over who should win, so I loved the centrality of Wimbledon in this story. Also the art is gorgeous, but don't look at it until you've read the story, as it is quite spoilery.

Oh, um, I guess I should say a little about what it is about? Jared is the up-and-coming tennis star; Jensen is the reigning champion who's afraid his days at the top are numbered. Due to some misunderstandings in their early encounters they each take a fervent disliking to the other, but neither one can deny their attraction. 50,000 words of amazingness.

Now for some much shorter stories:

maychorian's Scraped Knees and Bandaids is humorous gen schmoop than demonstrates that you're never too mature or badass to need your mom. Especially when you're Sam Winchester caught in a really bad situation, and your personal version of mom happens to be your big brother.

cloudy_fic's The Importance of Souls (Dean/Castiel). I've read a few SPN/His Dark Materials fusions before, but this is far and away my favorite just for its beautiful and lyrical depiction of the role of daemons in the lives of humans (and how alien it is to encounter beings like angels who don't have them, and what that means for human/angelic relationships). I actually thought the author's depiction of daemons was better than Phillip Pullman's (though of course Pullman would not approve of this author's view of daemons as being gifts from God).

telaryn's Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned (Sam/Castiel, Dean as voyeur) is a hot D/S piece. After the events of the season 4 finale, Sam feels a need to be punished, and Castiel is quite willing to help him out. GUH. There really needs to be more Sam/Castiel fic out there, and more Castiel bondage fic in general, as far as I'm concerned.


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Jun. 27th, 2009 08:48 pm (UTC)
ha, for once, I am happy, I am not really obsessed with them, and that so many of my friends are obsessed with them :D
you guys can do all the work aka the reading, and I reap the rec results!
I really liked the topspin one, ohhh, their absolute fatal attraction to each other despite being rivals on court!
explosive hotness, thanks for it!
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