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smutrecs fest day 8

The overarching theme today seems to be porn with great dialogue.


The Clex rec of the day is liviapenn's "Superfreak.".

I think this is my favorite of Livia's stories: it's a sweet and schmoopy first-time story, set late first season. This is one of those stories I reread when I'm having a bad day. The sex is wonderful, but I think I like the dialogue even more:

He squinted hard, not caring if he looked like a dork, and scanned Lex's arms and ribs. God, Lex had gotten thrown out of a car. How could he have forgotten? Except.

It wasn't like Clark scanned Lex all that often. Not all the time, anyway. But. He was reasonably sure he knew when Lex had been injured, and when he hadn't. But now there were little hairline fractures on three of his ribs, and his left arm looked half-healed. It had been two days and Lex's arm... it had been fractured, Clark was pretty sure.

And now it was half-healed.

"What... your arm," he said, before he could stop himself, and Lex suddenly stared.

"Don't tell me you're psychic too."

"What? No! No." Clark said weakly. "No one is psychic around here."

"What, then... How do you... Can you see through my clothes?"

"How could I do that?" Clark said. He put both his hands over his face. "That would just be crazy, Lex."

The meteors, again-- of course, it was always the meteors. They had done this to Lex too. Clark pressed his fingertips against his eyelids till he saw red. Well, it was only fair. Considering how many mutants had hurt Lex since he came to Smallville. Considering what the meteors had done to him in the first place.

"Wow," Lex said softly, "wow. You know, Warrior Angel can't do that."

Clark dropped his hands and stared. "Freak."

Lex just grinned.

"Nerd!" Clark said helplessly.

"It's like having my own superhero," Lex said happily, sliding his arms carefully around Clark's waist.

"I'm not a superhero," Clark mumbled, holding very still.

"You could be my superhero," Lex said, smiling against his neck.

"I, um..." Very carefully, Clark bent down, picked Lex up, and carried him one step to the bed. He put him down, gently. "How was that?" He crawled onto the bed, grinning.

Lex laughed softly, under his breath, and pulled Clark down next to him. "Good."

The Smallville mystery rec of the day, as long as we are hearkening back to the early days of Smallville fandom, is thete1's "High Corn Drifter" (Smallville/Buffy crossover, Lex/Oz)

What if Oz was dimensionally travelling and landed in Smallville? And what if Lex cruised him in the coffeehouse and took him home for some lovely BDSM games, with Oz on top? Probably something really fun and really HOT, like this story.

Since Oz and Lex are two of my all-time favorite TV characters, this story *always* does it for me. And how can you not love a story with dialogue like this:

"Oz," he says.

"Lex Luthor." Shakes the offered hand.

Makes the kid -- Oz -- blink, tilt his head to the side. Maybe trying to see if he can place Lex within the context of whatever bit of PR he'd seen most recently. Still holding Lex's hand in his own surprisingly small one. "Your parents didn't hold much truck with destiny, hunh?"

Which is an... odd response, but. Interesting. "Destiny is what you make it."

Another flash of amusement in those eyes, strange against the weirdly still face. "Oookay... what about the law of unintended consequences?"

Already, the strangest conversation he's had with a potential fuck. Well, since Princeton, at least. They liked their intellectual airs at Princeton. Lex sips his drink, puts on an exaggerated 'I'm thinking' face. "If the consequences can't be dealt with, then you didn't plan your destiny very carefully, now did you?"

"Hunh." Oz's "I'm thinking" face could very well be real, but he slips out of it long enough to order plain black coffee.

"Careful, they brew it farmer-strength out here."

"Says the man with the cappuccino."

"What can I say? I thrive on caffeine."

"Not global-scale evil?"

"I'm a businessman, not a James Bond villain." Smirks. "Or my father."

"Have you ever noticed that the villains almost always say something along the lines of 'I'm a businessman?'"

Snorts. "Ah, but you'll note my careful avoidance of the suspicious Italian accent."

"Very smooth... Lex. Hunh. Don't think I'll be getting used to that name anytime soon."

"And Oz is so much less bizarre?"

"Oh, no, it's bizarre, all right. But, you know, your name is Lex Luthor, and that's... that's probably not as odd as I think it is, is it? Hmm."


"So, out of curiosity, how do you feel about Superman?"
"What?" And the boy doesn't look high... "When did we start talking Nietzsche?"

"You know, I could just about believe you would go for the semi-obscure philosophy reference rather than the really obvious pop culture one, but... no."

"Pop culture... Oz, how many different conversations are we having here?"

"Oh, just the one. Well, maybe two. That's kind of a tough call. See, there's the interesting look into our relative psyches that's going on -- conversation A. There's also the conversation about why your name is making me freak out a little, most of which you're probably unaware of."

"Conversation B."

Oz nods, eyes his coffee a little warily. Does one of those strange head-sways and Lex realizes that the boy is... sniffing. "Yes. And, despite the fact that your name is Lex Luthor and we're sitting in a coffee shop in Smallville, Kansas, and you deny any knowledge of Superman... you're not playing me." It's not a question.

"Blast from the past" rec:Buffy
Scarlet's "Bordello" (Xander/Andrew)

It was really hard for me to pick a recommendation for Buffy day, because I realized most of my favorite stories in this fandom are non-porny. I love everything yahtzee63 has written, but her stories tend to epic and plotty rather than smutty. I also really love everything butterflykiki has written in this fandom (especially "Runaway Trains at Three a.m.", which is a crossover with Smallville), but again, not so much with the porn. I almost decided to recommend basingstoke's "Big Rock Candy Mountain," which is my current favorite Buffy story (an AU in which Andrew becomes one of the Scoobys in season one, which explores, among other things, if vampires without souls can ever be good people), but decided there was too little sex in it for it to really qualify as a smutty story.

But then I remembered "Bordello," a lovely piece of Xander/Andrew porn. Post-"Chosen," Xander and Andrew are trapped in a demon brothel, and have to have sex to get out. Very very hot sex. On the way, they work out some of their Anya grief and have many funny geeky conversations. And I can't decide if I love the smut or their conversations better, honestly; their dialogue gives me a geekgasm:

My turn. Scully or Xena?"

"Xander, I can't answer. It's, like, asking me to choose which limb to cut off. It's a Sophie's Choice." ....

"So...who do you think would win in a fight-Willow or Faith?"

"You can't ask me that question. Willow is my best friend-"

"And Faith would kick her ass, right?"

"-before Willow could say 'abracadabra.' "


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