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Harper's Island

Yes, I'm still watching. In fact, I think I'm actually hooked now, despite the fact that I fear CBS isn't even going to run all 13 episodes. Spoilers for last night's episode behind the cut.

Well, I really liked several things about the episode:

1. The ending. Because finally, finally, finally, after what is it, 5 episodes? And at least 7 deaths? They're going to all realize murder is happening. And I'm enough of a softie to be happy that Trish reconciled with her dad before he got killed. And it's fascinating how many suspects there are, too--killing him was brilliant because he's got so many apparent enemies, and the show has already established that more than one person is responsible for the deaths, which makes it all more interesting.

2. The scene in the middle where Abby finds out that her dad is actually John Winchester obsessed with Wakefield (which clearly means Wakefield isn't dead). Also I loved that her dad is apparently BFF with her ex. I started watching the show hoping Abby would end up with Henry, but now I'd be ok if she ends up with Jimmy (I think that's his name). It's a pity that her dad is almost certainly going to die.

3. So was crazy deformed German Shepard guy Wakefield? I think we're supposed to at least think that's a possibility. It would be interesting if we found out Wakefield is killing some of the people,for a specific reason centered around Richard Burgi's character (since he seemed to be prominent in the clippings in the sheriff's house), but there is another murderer at work as well.

4. How cool is it that CKR is Wakefield? I actually noticed that in last week's episode when Abby was looking at the newspaper clippings, but it was totally confirmed this week.

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May. 11th, 2009 07:31 pm (UTC)
Oooh, that's an awesome theory. (Despite the fact that I think it's ridiculously cheesy, I am apparently rather invested in this show now!)


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