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Supernatural: Monster Movie

They really went all-out for this episode, didn't they? Brilliant homage to the monster movies--complete with the gorgeous title sequence and so many iconic moments from the classic horror films, though I completely loved the humor they wove into it. I can't decide if "Dracula" ordering out for pizza and using a coupon, Dracula escaping on his moped or the shifter using dry ice and a prop coffin when he was the Mummy was the funniest bit. (Not counting just about every one of Dean's lines, of course).

And SOMEONE on the SPN writing staff is clearly listening to all of our complaints about women--and having a little fun with us at the same time. So Jamie doesn't object to being called a wench (despite Sam's indication she might), but on the other hand she not only lives but she saves the day. In the end, I am actually more concerned with women being agents on this show than with what Dean calls them (since the text acknowledges he's very crude), so I was happy with this.

Dean really did have some classic lines, though, didn't he? That rehymenation thing made me laugh and laugh. Oh, poor Dean. Sam's not giving you any and your ass hymen grew back? Poor baby. I wonder if Jamie has a strap-on.

Other than the humor in this episode, which I really loved, I did think our monster of the week was an interestingly ambiguous metaphor. On the one hand, he reinforced the fact that what Sam said in last week's episode was true: it's not what you are but what you choose to do that matters. Because Dracula didn't have to choose to fight back by randomly killing people, even though he spent his life getting treated as a monster; as Jamie pointed out, if he wasn't killing people, he might have been a lot less lonely. On the other hand, like Sam he seems to think he can rewrite the script of the monster movie, but as Dean points out, we all know how things turn out in the end. And maybe real life isn't so black-and-white--but an apocalypse seems to be. So very very interesting.

And of course the other fascinating thing is that being brought back from hell has re-energized Dean's desire to save people. We knew of course that he was feeling very worn down the past couple years, but it was good to hear him both articulate that and also articulate that his experience changed him.

I'm beginning to think that us not getting much of Sam's POV is a deliberate choice, since it's happening so much this season, and I wonder what it portends. I was glad to see Sam still knows his brother well enough to know what movie he would live in. (And I've never seen any of the Porky's movies, so I don't know if I'm supposed to be getting some deep symbolic significance there or not. My guess is NOT, but feel free to enlighten me otherwise.)
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