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Middleman finale

Damn, this show better get renewed. I started watching it just as fluffy fun, but it really grew on me.

I seriously think Wendy Watson has now become my favorite female character ever. She's a sidekick but she's the central POV character; her struggles juggling the superhero gig with her ordinary life are realistic, and yet she *doesn't* just dump her key relationships; her friendship with Lacey is one of my all-time favorite canonical friendships--as was only reinforced in tonight's episode; she has an awesome working relationship with the Middleman, *without* it straying into bad romantic comedy land; and she first bonded with her boyfriend over bad zombie movies. What's not to love? I fear this show will definitely be cancelled just because it's too perfect to exist.

And damn, the finale just reinforced all my love. Ok, first with the shallow: Evil Wendy, you can make me your bitch anytime, because humina. I thought you were hot as a good character, but damn. And way to be an evil genius and let Menservant Neville take all the credit/blame for the Orwellian society. And did I mention HOT?

Ahem. Plot, I was going to discuss the plot, wasn't I? Ok, even for a show that has glorious fun playing with silly scifi tropes, I thought this ep was outstanding, perhaps because bearded amoral Spock gave me a permanent love for evil mirror universes. It was just sheer fun to see Pip as a celibate heroic priest ("Come with me if you want to live" "The show with George Takei?" Oh show, you spoil me with your references), and Lacey running a strip club, and Ida as a sex kitten, and the Middleman in leather chaps.

Leather chaps. Somehow I just had to repeat that. But I also loved that what turned him from his clean-shaven Eisenhower Jacket look was the loss of Middleboy! Oh, how sweet that in the mirror 'verse Tylor got to be Middleboy!

But really, the emotional heart of the episode was Wendy's reconciliation with AU Lacey, who AU Wendy had so cruelly betrayed. I may have teared up a little at that scene. And I was so thrilled AU Lacey gets to be the new Middle-apprentice, and the suggestion that she and the Middleman may hook up. Lacey and Middleman are definitely my OTP of the show.

Oh, TV Gods, please renew this show!!!



Sep. 3rd, 2008 05:18 am (UTC)
Yeah, I definitely want an icon of her in the rimless glasses. (Though I really like her normal glasses too).

AU Ida was awesomesauce, definitely.


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