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Veronica Mars: Donut Run

I guessed the twist at the end, but it was still a damn good episode!

I haven't read anyone else's reactions to this yet, but I actually thought this episode was beautiful closure for the Duncan/Veronica relationship--I'm not spoiled, but I'm assuming that he's going to be gone at least until May sweeps. We finally got to see what was in the fortune cookie--and I really liked "True Love stories never have endings." And I completely loved the twistyness of the plan. I had guessed that the breakup was all an act, but not that the way Duncan escaped was by hiding in Lamb's car--that was priceless.

I don't know *how* the kidnapping isn't going to come back and bite Veronica on the ass, though. Lamb will probably figure it out, and the FBI woman knows--and it looks like the remainder of this season is going to be all about consequences, what with the Wallace arc.

Before we knew for sure if Veronica and Duncan staged the breakup or not, I *loved* it. I liked the human element of Veronica finally calling Duncan on his obsession for Meg at *exactly* the wrong time, and I also loved Duncan calling Veronica on it always being all about her., because that was my thought, too. I love Veronica, don't get me wrong, but she is definitely obsessive and can be very self-centered--which made the sacrifice she made at the end of the episode even more powerful for me.

But of course the sacrifice had unintended consequences with her dad, and that was a very powerful scene. You know, I'm not really a shipper in this fandom--I'm not sure I actually *want* Veronica to hook up longterm with anyone, since she's so damaged, and so are most of the available guys--but dammit, the emotional heart of this show for me is her relationship with her dad and her relationship with Wallace. They already did bad things to the relationship with Wallace this season; I don't want that to happen with her dad!

Other things I liked about the episode: I thought the Lamb-Morris (Lucy Lawless's character) interactions were awesome. He clearly was hot for her, at first, and wanted to impress her. At first I loved the way she shot him down, but by the end of the episode I was actually feeling kind of bad for Lamb! I really love how this show creates such interesting characters, so that you can hate someone for almost a season and then finding yourself liking them.

And speaking of complex characters....Logan was really *on* in this episode. That opening scene with Kendall was really fun--I'm going to miss her when she's gone just because she really brings out the bitchiness in Logan, which is always fun to watch. And I love, love, love his secret detective conspiracy with Weevil--it's SO damn slashy but it was also just fun to watch them investigate together, with their secret signals. I'm really interested to see where this whole Fitzpatrick plot is going, too.

Finally, the best line of the night had to be Wallace, "I came over to see Veronica Mars, not emo girl" and suggesting they needed to go to a movie or get in a barfight. Hee! He's the BEST FRIEND EVER, and he better be back for good, not caught up in some stupid Chicago hit and run!


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