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SV "What If" Game

Edited to rename my game now that it is famous all over teh internets, since "an SV Game/Poll Thingy" doesn't scan quite as well.

I have one of those extremely tedious projects at work that require, for sanity, an lj break every half hour or so, so it seems like a good time to play a game.

So here's the premise: the SV fairy has appeared to you and offered you the opportunity to travel to the SV-verse, temporarily, to improve Smallville and/or the lives of the characters in any way you see fit. There are rules, however. You can either (1)have one conversation with one character (and only one character), time length up to one hour, at any point in the timeline OR (2) you can change one event, but not speak to anyone.

--If you choose the conversation, you can talk to anyone at any point in their timeline, but you have to be yourself (mysterious stranger); you can't, for example, be Clark to talk to Lex. You can, however, be a mysterious stranger who knows the future; you just can't hang around more than an hour to show that your predictions were accurate.

--If you choose changing an event, you have a fair amount of power--let's say the limit of your power is that of a meteor mutant--but you can only change one event, and you can't speak to anyone. So, for example, if your goal was to prevent Jodi from becoming a fat-sucker in "Craving," you could either magically prevent her father's greenhouse from being salted with kryptonite OR you could have a conversation warning her, but you couldn't do both. If you wanted to save Jonathan's life in "Reckoning," you could have a conversation with Clark or you could blow up the Fortress of Solitude (if you think that would help) OR you could puncture Jonathan's tires so he never has the encounter with Lionel, but you could only do ONE of those things, not all of them. If you want to redirect the meteors in the first meteor shower to squash Lana, you can do that, but you can't then talk to Clark to get him to wait on Loeb bridge so he saves Lex's life even though he no longer has Lana to moon over and so he may not end up there on his own.


What is your goal?
What are you going to do to accomplish it, given the constraints on your powers?
What do you think the effect of your change will be?
What might be the unintended consequences?

For example, here's mine.

What is your goal?
I want Lex NOT to become an evil monster whose sociopathy exceeds Lionel's. It turns out I want that even more than I want Clark and Lex to get together.

What are you going to do to accomplish it, given the constraints on your powers?
After much thought about this, I think what I would do is appear to Lillian a couple days before she kills Julian and HEAL HER with my magical kryptomutant powers.

What do you think the effect of your change will be?
Even though I don't get to talk to her, my hope is that healing her would cover both her post-partum psychosis (to which I am attributing her desire to kill Julian) AND her heart condition, so she would live and continue to be a countering influence on Lex. I think by the time Lex gets to Smallville it's really too late for him to really change; he's too fucked up already. My hope is that if Lillian is not sucked down into despair because of her mortal illness, she would actually be able to support Lex in not becoming like his dad. And Lex would still have a little brother, who he clearly loved a lot, so that would give him motivation to try to be a good person and set a good example.

What might be the unintended consequences?
Well, Lillian might already be so damaged that she would still kill Julian, and maybe this time Lionel would catch her and she'd go to prison or be locked in an asylum, which probably would NOT make things better for Lex. Or maybe she wouldn't be caught, but she'd live, and instead of being Lex's dead model of goodness, she'd be the psycho-mom he was protecting, and that could get ugly and he might go evil earlier. Or maybe none of that would happen but instead Lionel would succeed in molding Julian to be the heir he wanted Lex to be, and instead of Lex being the evil genius he'd be locked in an eternal struggle with his brother the evil genius.

So, does anyone else want to play, or did I make the rules too complicated?


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Dec. 12th, 2006 07:49 pm (UTC)
Goal: I want Lana dead.

What are you going to do to accomplish it, given the constraints on your powers? I will change an event -- CLARK DOES NOT SAVE HER. Lana stays dead and Jonathan lives.

What do you think the effect of your change will be? : Clark will learn to grieve and MOVE ON. Preferably to Lex.

What might be the unintended consequences? There are no consequences that are worse than Lana breathing air at the end of that episode. Martha will NEVER invite Lionel to Thanksgiving dinner, Bo Kent will be come Senator and Maybe Clark and Lex will get their happy ever after WITHOUT LANA THERE TO SHOE HORN HER WAY IN FUCKING EVERYWHERE.
Dec. 12th, 2006 07:58 pm (UTC)
So you're talking about Reckoning, right? When Lana dies in a car accident and Clark changes time? If you stop Clark from saving Lana in Reckoning (as opposed to in another episode), won't he blame Lex, rather than reconcile with Lex, since Lana's car accident was precipitated by Lex chasing her?
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Dec. 12th, 2006 07:55 pm (UTC)
Wow, this is so cool. I like your idea very much. Your unintended consquences especially, because they all sound so likely. I believe Lionel to be fully capable of fucking up any family he is presented with ;)

But I can't decide what I want to do! I can't even decide what my goal is! I mean, Lex not going evil would be ideal, but so would Lex and Clark staying friends (or ever becoming real, trusting friends in the first place.) Since I can't decide, I'll give you three scenarios, all of which are not entirely serious (esp. S2)...

What is your goal?
Wrecking havoc on SV continuity, hopefully with good consquences.

What are you going to do to accomplish it, given the constraints on your powers?
Scenario1) I'm going back to the day of the first meteor shower! With my sparkly mutant powers, I give Lex a different krypto-power, one that isn't inherently dangerous to others, like super-speed or telekinesis or whatever.
S2)I go back to a time after the meteor shower, but before Julian was born. With my gun, I shoot Lionel and Lillian in a dark back alley while Lex watches.
S3)I go back to Season 4, and with my cool kryptonian crystal powers, I make it so that Lex becomes Jor-El's vessel instead of Lionel.

What do you think the effect of your change will be?
Well, let's say what I hope it will be, okay?
S1) Given that Lex survives until he meets Clark, and given that he meets him, a more active power will make it more likely that he reveals it to Clark and that Clark trusts him with his own powers like he did with Alicia. Aditionally, if Lex had, say, super-speed, he might have been able to rescue Julian, earning Lionel's respect.

S2)Traumatized by his parent's death, Lex decides to fight crime! Raised by his nurse Pamela , he trains hard and travels the world until he is ready to become a vigilante. Because criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot, he disguises himself as Warrior Angel Alexander the Great a Bat! One night young run-away alien Clark (who, since Lex never came to SV, had a much harder time with the scarecrowing and Lana and everything else) tries to steal his tires and Lex catches him in the act! They fight crime. (Um, sorry. My "creativity" ran away with me...)

S3) Well, first of all, Lionel might be *quite* interested in why Lex is suddenly catatontic and white-eyed, but whatever horrible thing he did to Lex, Lex would probably break out once the events of "Hidden" happened. (and he wouldn't have broken up with Clark because "Mortal" never happened). Clark and Lex would have to deal with the fact that Lex is possessed by Jor-El, Lex would find out the truth, and working together, they might not be as easily tricked by Brainiac.

What might be the unintended consequences?

S1) Lex becomes overconfident and gets in trouble. Or Lionel puts him into some lab. Or Lex uses his powers for personal gain and Clark fights him the first time they meet. It's also possible that Lex might not have survived until meeting Clark if he hadn't had his healing powers.

S2) Need I say anything? Everything would go wrong.

S3) Lionel would probably do a lot worse to Lex if Lex was possessed than just putting him into Belle Reve. There might be invasive testing. There's also no telling of what havoc an evil Lionel might wreak in S5 (since he was arguably not evil in that season in canon.) Lex might not cooperate with Clark once he finds out - he might even blame Clark. Someone else might end up vessel for Zod. (Lana! *sporfle*)

Okay, you probably wanted more constructive answers, but my mind is only capable of crack right now.
Dec. 12th, 2006 08:05 pm (UTC)
Oh, no, crack is part of the fun of this game, I think! (It's my version of "non-writers get to write AUs of SV without having to, you know, produce dialogue or plot or any of the hard stuff).

I LOVE your Batman Lex scenario very, very much. And you might be right that losing both parents would be better for Lex--it worked for Oliver Queen. Maybe being a complete orphan, under Pam's tutelage, is better than any of the alternative.

I also kind of like Lex being possessed by Jor-El, though I fear that he would feel invaded and blame Clark, and I definitely think Lionel would do bad things to him while he was possessed.
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Dec. 12th, 2006 07:58 pm (UTC)
Well, I like the idea of 'healing' Lillian - I was thinking that she'd be equally as brilliantly calculating as Lex can be, but nice with it - kinda like Martha.
So, if you cured her, and she went over the time she had been sick in her head, and realised what a bastard Lionel was - and how he was going to destroy her precious babies. So, in a calculating moment of 'madness', instead of killing Julian, she kills Lionel! Being able to blame it on her illness, she is then healthy enough to raise both of her boys well and proper, gifting Lex with the factory for his 21st, leading him to face his fears and return to SV - and thus meet Clark!

I think if I was to have a conversation with anyone, it would be with Kal at Lex's 'funeral'.
I would explain that Lex was not dead, and that he was totally in love with Clark - had only married Helen because he thought he would never have him. Outline what their future would be if he did not accept his own feelings for Lex (which I can actually see Kal accepting better than Clark - the gay thing I mean), tell Lex he loved him to - and TELL LEX HIS SECRET! Explain that Lex could die of meterorite-induced cancer (yes, a slight exaggeration, but hey! he does lose a hand!) if Clark doesn't change their future.
Finally, I would explain that Lex would be saved soon, and deserved to return home to find Clark waiting for him, and so Clark had to return to SV - as Clark! ready for him - complete with all the information (which I would give him) on how and why Helen had tried to kill Lex.

Otherwise, I might have a conversation with Clark pre-Pilot, and just come right out with it - Clark Kent, you are soooooooo gay! You need to accept this and stop mooning over you vapid neighbour. Coz pretty soon, you're gonna meet your soulmate - a beautiful, pale lithe drop of perfection wrapped in a porshe. And when they day comes, you've got to take the plunge, or you'll regret it for the rest of your life. And in that man you will not only find a great conversationist, friend, confidante (about secrets *you* don't even know yet!) but the other half of your soul.

Yes, more than a lil bizarre, but these are the scenarios I came up with - although, before I read the rulls under the cut, by immediate response was just to changer ONE thing - have Lex kiss Clark back after receiving the Kiss of Life!
Dec. 12th, 2006 08:19 pm (UTC)
Ooh, it would be really interesting if Lillian killed Lionel. Would Lex ever know? Would he realize that she did it for his own good, when he eventually found out, or would he be as horrified as he was when he found out that Lionel killed his grandparents?

I like both of your scenarios for having the conversation with Clark--but I agree with you that Kal rather than Clark is more likely to accept the truth of his gayness from a stranger. (I also think that if you're going to have a conversation with Clark, you better have a lot of facts for him about stuff that's going to happen in his immediate future so he actually believes you!) I'm not sure about telling a 15 year old who's spent his whole life in love with his next-door neighbor that his soulmate is a guy is going to necessary be believable to him, though. (I guess that depends on your reading of exactly how gay Clark is already at the beginning of the series).
Dec. 12th, 2006 08:03 pm (UTC)
What is your goal? I want Lex to know Clark's secret.

What are you going to do to accomplish it, given the constraints on your powers? I would be a patient at the mental hospital and I would kill the boys responsible for getting in the way of Clark's rescue of Lex.

What do you think the effect of your change will be? Finally Clark will be able to be open and honest with Lex about who he is, and Lex will stop investigating him and just be a good friend who would protect Clark's secret with his life. Whether or not they get together, Clark's friendship will keep Lex grounded and they will finally be able to trust each other completely.

What might be the unintended consequences? Lex may already be too far down the dark path at this point, and if Clark does something to piss him off, he may decide to use his knowledge of Clark's origins and powers against him. BUT I DON'T BELIEVE HE WOULD.

*never ever forgives Asylum*
Dec. 12th, 2006 08:22 pm (UTC)
Oh, yes. That's a good use of your powers. If Clark had rescued Lex while Lex still knew his secret, Lex *definitely* would have been on Clark's side forever. On the other hand, I fear they might have spent a long time on the run from Lionel, with no safe haven to turn to, if that had happened.
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Dec. 12th, 2006 08:19 pm (UTC)
Ooh fun!

What is your goal? Fix Clex (or at least buy them more time to fix things), and in turn hope to fix Lex.

What are you going to do to accomplish it, given the constraints on your powers?

Change the way by which Clark saved Lex that very first time-- Magically give Clark the presence of mind to refrain from peeling off the roof of the car, instead just pulling the door open (not off) and pulling Lex out.

What do you think the effect of your change will be?

This was the first major red flag to Lex that there was something Special about Clark. Altering the event in such a way that they still dramatically meet, still become strangely smitten with/drawn to each other, but without the specter of the Secret immediately there gives Lex a chance to get to know Clark for Clark. Clark could relax, let his guard down around Lex, and though he'll probably still continue to save Lex's life and invite questions-- imo that first dramatic save was the biggest question mark of them all and it's clear that "just a guy that tried to do the right thing" isn't good enough to keep Lex waiting. So I'll remove that first gigantic specter of suspicion and hope they'll do the rest themselves. After trust is built up, Clark will tell go on to tell Lex everything and they'll work it out, much the same way as Pete/Clark and Chloe/Clark.

Upon further thought...I realize in a lot of ways this is how the Chlark friendship played out--they got to know each other pretty well, as people, first before a major WTF revelation about Clark. They were equipped to deal with it then. Yes, there were question marks for Chloe along the way, but because the friendship got off on the right foot, she and Clark were able to compromise and he promised to tell her when the time was right.

What might be the unintended consequences?

I routinely wonder if Lex really cared for Clark beyond his "Special"ness so the biggest unintended consequence would be Lex just thanking the farmer kid with a truck and moving on with his life as though Clark was just a random good Samaritan. But if Lex's spiel about flying over Smallville during the save is to be believed, I think there's a good chance the friendship will grow.

Alternates scenarios...(if I was able to leave my personal morals behind in this fictional world ;)), preferably that Lionel or Jonathan die (I'd make it so that Sheriff Ethan really did kill Lionel for instance) and Lex is drawn closer into Clark and Martha's world-- important because I think... whereas a teenage Clark wouldn't know where to start with a case like Lex'sMartha as surrogate mother figure, with Lionel and/or Bo out of the way, would have done wonders.
Dec. 12th, 2006 08:34 pm (UTC)
Ooh, that's a very good change! (Though I'm not sure how you're doing it--Kryptonian power of suggestion?) I think you're absolutely right that if Clark and Lex had been able to have a relationship not freighted by Clark's secret, things would have gone better. Also, Clark needed time to adjust to the idea that he was an alien--I think part of the reason he can be comfortable with Chloe knowing is that he's had a lot more time to adjust to it himself.

I *hope* Lex would still be interested in Clark, even without the mystery, though I do wonder. (He still also might be convinced he hit Clark with his car, of course, and eventually Clark's ability to be in the right place at the right time would be apparent).

And oh, Lex becoming Martha and Jonathan's surrogate son is really one of my favorite scenarios. (And clearly Lex's, too, if Lexmas is any indication--the fact that Jonathan was the one honoring him clearly carried a lot of weight with him).
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Dec. 12th, 2006 09:05 pm (UTC)
What is your goal?
I want Lana dead.
What are you going to do to accomplish it, given the constraints on your powers?
Change an event - Lana does not survive the helicopter crash in Commencement.
What do you think the effect of your change will be?
Lana will be dead!! Whoo!! I mean really, Clark would probably be sad for a while, perhaps while looking oh-so-pretty at her funeral. Then he and Lex would bond over their sadness and then OMG fall in love!
What might be the unintended consequences?
Erm, Chloe would need a new roommate? I can't really see a downside.
Dec. 12th, 2006 09:23 pm (UTC)
I'm trying and trying to think of a reason why Lana being alive in S5 matters.

:Thinks very hard:

Ok. She's dead, so Clark doesn't stay behind when he comes back from the Fortress to help (unless he's prostrate with grief, but let's assume he actually goes back to the Fortress to yell at Jor-El). So nobody else has to die, and he gets the training he needs so he doesn't get fooled by Brainiac, and hopefully manages to prevent Lex from being possessed by Jor-El.

And let's see. This also means Jonathan Kent doesn't die, and is elected Senator. There still may be some riftiness between Clark and Lex, but it isn't exacerbated by Lana. Is Lex still investigating the space ship? Probably. Is Lionel still possessed by Jor-El? Hmm, I don't know.

Lana didn't save anyone's life in s5, did she? Does it count that she tried to save Lex in Lockdown? But he wouldn't have gotten shot if he hadn't try to rescue her, so never mind.

Yeah. I can't think of any bad consequences for the other characters except that Clark would be sad, if Lana died in Commencement. Am I forgetting anything?
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Dec. 12th, 2006 10:42 pm (UTC)
I want to play this game about ten times over, but I'll stick with my first plan...

What is your goal? Remove Jonathan's influence over Clark
What are you going to do to accomplish it, given the constraints on your powers? Strike him dead in the first meteor shower. POW!
What do you think the effect of your change will be? Clark would have been brought up with Martha's nurturing influence but without J's heavy-handed paternalism. I think Martha would still have been just as eager to have Clark hide his secret. But she would have been more open to the Clex friendship, thereby allowing Clark to make his own decisions about whether he shared his secret with Lex (possibly at an early enough stage that Lex didn't spiral into destructive obsession). It would also have meant that Jonathan wasn't around to fly into suspicious rages when reporters came snooping, and it would mean that Clark had a Daddy-shaped hole to fill. And who could fill that hole? JOR-EL!!! *twirls* Clark would have embraced his destiny a lot earlier--he would have craved connection with the only father figure in his life and therefore he could have averted the whole Zod disaster far earlier with his kickass training.
What might be the unintended consequences? Mionel. Dude. So would have happened.
Dec. 12th, 2006 10:55 pm (UTC)
Feel free to play 10 times, if you can come up with 10 different scenarios.

If Jonathan died in the first meteor shower, the first Clark-Lex meeting would probably have been quite different, since Martha would have almost certainly returned to Metropolis. For one thing, she would have needed her father's help to adopt Clark.

Actually, if Jonathan was killed in the meteor shower, do you think she still would have actually adopted Clark? Or would she have unconsciously (or consciously) blamed him for her husband's death? Regardless of how the viewers feel about Jonathan, Martha clearly loved him--had he been killed by the meteors I really wonder if she could bear to adopt the alien baby who came with the meteors. I *seriously* doubt she would have been up for rescuing Lex--if anything, she would have been rushing Jonathan to the hospital, maybe with Clark on her lap, but she wouldn't have stopped for Lionel. So she would have needed her father's help to adopt Clark.

But I expect she would seriously resent having to go to her dad because he hated Jonathan so much. Hmm. I don't know, I think there are lots of unintended effects to killing Jonathan off in the first meteor shower that would really affect Martha's ability to nurture Clark.
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(Deleted comment)
Dec. 12th, 2006 11:28 pm (UTC)
I like your projected outcomes for Lex, and they seem realistic to me. As I was saying above to bop_radar, though, who also wanted Jonathan killed by the meteors, it seems unlikely to me that Martha would adopt an alien baby who came with the same meteor shower that killed her husband. However much the viewers might hate Jonathan, Martha loves him and his death would be traumatic for her. And depending on exactly when/where Jonathan was killed, she might not even encounter Clark--she might have been to busy trying to get Jonathan to the hospital to even help him. Or she might have taken him along, but been too frantic about Jonathan to even investigate and find the spaceship, so someone would have found it.
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 13th, 2006 12:03 am (UTC)
I agree that Lana's parents being alive would solve a *lot* of problems. I agree with you that a lot of her more annoying qualities, like her constant need for a backup boyfriend and her abandonment issues, are due to the fact that she's an orphan. And if she wasn't an orphan, she wouldn't have been the town princess, with the twin entitlement/pedestal issues.

In fact, I doubt she would have been the target for all the mutants, since she wouldn't have been the center of attention that came with being the iconic meteor shower victim, and she wouldn't have worn the necklace that I think drew all the mutants to her. Like you say, she would have been just a regular high school girl.

Though you terrify me with the prospect of Nell possibly marrying Lionel!
(Deleted comment)
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Dec. 13th, 2006 12:32 am (UTC)
What is your goal?

To get Lex more support and comfort from the Kents than he got in “Shattered”.

What are you going to do to accomplish it, given the constraints on your powers?

Have a conversation with Martha Kent about how Lex just really needs to be tucked up in a cozy bed (Clark’s will do, since they don’t have a guest room), fed (chicken soup and cold milk would be a reasonable choice), and given a chance to cuddle up with Clark and get a good night’s sleep. If she protested, I would remind her that the Kents have been quick to extend hospitality to every other Tom, Dick or Harry who crosses their paths, and that they should be willing to offer it to Lex, who has been a friend of Clark’s for at least two years. Sure, Jonathan has issues with the Luthors, and Lex is a little too curious for his, and Clark’s, own good. But none of their other guests has been perfect, either.

If she was still reluctant, I would point out that, if it weren’t for Lex, she, her husband, and their son would have lost their farm and be living in the Talon apartment. I would also remind her that Lex lost his mother as a teenager and asked for nothing more than to be considered part of the family, and that, so far, the Kent family hasn’t done a very good job in honoring that request.

What do you think the effect of your change will be?

It would have kept Lex and Clark from running off to the sweat shop and kept Lex from getting increasingly upset and irrational. It would have gotten Lex some much needed rest and a feeling of security, however brief. It would have been an extremely positive development in his relations with the Kent family. The only bad thing is: Lana wouldn’t have been trampled in the stables.

What might be the unintended consequences?

Well, for the show, I’m not sure. It would probably have diverted or at least slowed most of the other events in the ep. It would have kept Clark from having to shoulder the burden of caring for and controlling Lex all by himself. It would have demonstrated to Lionel that Lex had the support of friends. It would have been good for the Kents. For those of us in fandom who have complained most stridently that the Kents never offered Lex any support to speak of, it would have largely shut us up. It would have taken very little to convince us that the Kents valued Lex as a person and a friend--but, after “Shattered,” a good number of us were alienated from them because of their reaction to Lex and his predicament in this episode.
Dec. 13th, 2006 01:03 am (UTC)
Oh, I like this one very, very much. It would have been very good for Clark and Lex, even if they were ultimately unable to prevent Lionel from institutionalizing Lex. And maybe if Clark had had his parents' support early on, he would have been able to help Lex more later.

And as a viewer, I would have loved it. I agree that the Asylum/ Shattered arc made me really angry at Jonathan and Martha for a long time.
(no subject) - acampbell - Dec. 13th, 2006 02:24 pm (UTC) - Expand
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Dec. 13th, 2006 12:56 am (UTC)
Hmmm umm. Other people have given a lot of really great answers!

I might just go have sex with Lex for an hour, indeed. There are certainly times in his life when he'd go for that.

What is your goal? Get Lex and Clark together and honest with each other, so that both are better people and the world is a happier place.

What are you going to do to accomplish it, given the constraints on your powers?

a) Go back to some point in S1 or early S2 (am not sure off the top of my head when would be best), and tell Lex that Clark is an alien. Explain to him why Clark hasn't told him. Explain to him that he needs to break it to Clark gently that he's figured this all out. I might well have to use my knowledge of the future/Lex's deep dark secrets to convince him that I speak the truth.

b) Arrange it so that Lionel found the spaceship and baby Kal-El instead of Jonathan and Martha. Score!

What do you think the effect of your change will be?

a) I think if Lex, at that point, when he was a nice guy and when he wanted to be good and when Clark liked and trusted him, had told Clark that he already knew and that he got it, and opened up to Clark a bit himself, it could have all worked out. Awwww.

b) Well, the Clex would be brothers, and Lex would have always known Clark's secret. Awwwww.

What might be the unintended consequences?

a) No worse than the show, I think, unless you believe it would be inevitable even from then for Lex to turn evil, and him knowing Clark's secret would just put the whole world in danger. I mean, the only bad consequence would be a possible earlier rift if they fucked things up.

b) Odds are actually better than Clark would end up in a lab, experimented on from the day he arrived on this planet, totally messed up and with his intelligence ruined, or maybe trained to be a thoughtlessly obedient killing machine. Then Lionel could raise Lex to be even eviler from early on, or discard him as weak. Oh well, sucks to be everyone!
Dec. 13th, 2006 01:10 am (UTC)
I'm telling you, if Lex was busy having sex with his umpty gazillion fangirls and boys, he wouldn't have *time* to go evil! Seems like a good plan to me.

I've thought about option (a) a lot myself. I'm just not sure it would be enough for Lex to know the secret--I think he doesn't just want to know the truth, he wants Clark to tell him the truth, you know? But on the other hand, he is the older and more mature one--maybe he could deal. And once Clark knew he knew, things would be a lot better for Clark. He really needed a confidante who was not his parents, when he was younger.

You made me laugh and laugh with the unintended consequences of option B (and I frankly think all those things are very likely, if Lionel really did find Clark). Sucks to be everyone! Hee hee hee!
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(Deleted comment)
Dec. 13th, 2006 01:56 am (UTC)
Ok, given that we basically have the same goal, your method is much more efficient than mine. And more likely to work, too.

The Rosses could find wee!Lex in their cornfield and return him, somehow, to Lillian.

You know, I was just thinking about this the other day. What the hell happened to the Rosses? There they were, negotiating with Lionel, and suddenly they were gone, and Lionel's standing alone on a flattened field. Did they just drive away and leave him there when the meteors started falling?

ith Lionel dead, Lillian never has Julian, so there's not the twin spiral into despair occasioned by her illness coupled with post-partum psychosis/depression. So while she'd still be dying, she wouldn't have necessarily become unstable; she could have been the steadying influence to Non-Sociopathy that Lex needed. Lex could still end up ruling the world -- Lillian did give him that Napoleon-coin watch, so she's not entirely without her own empire-building impulses -- but he'd be a genuinely benevolent dictator under her/Pamela's influence.

Yes, that makes a lot of sense to me. (I hope Lillian *does* have empire-building skills, actually--at least enough to keep the empire going long enough so there's money left for Pamela to raise Lex).

The senior Kents might have been forced to mend fences with Grandpa Clark a lot sooner since they would have needed his help to adopt Clark. Having a pragmatic granddad who nevertheless took pleasure in spoiling him might have been good for Clark.

I really like this part of your scenario. I was just talking to huzzlewhat about how one of the things I hold against Jonathan Kent is the way he estranged Martha from her family. To be sure, she must have been complicit in this, but I really like the idea of Jonathan and Grandpa Clark having to make up--if nothing else, it sets a better example for Clark.

Pete wouldn't have hated Lex, since Lillian would have paid the Rosses the fair market value for their property. So the dynamic between Clark and Pete over Lex would have been different and Lex and Pete might have forged a friendship with each that made it possible for fans to actually envision them as the iconic presidential running mates they're allegedly destined to be.

I would love it if Pete and Lex were friends--in fact, it would be interesting if Lex were Pete's friend first , before he was Clark's, because of the family connection. That would put an interesting spin on the dynamic.

However, I do have to say that the idea of Pete and Lex being enemies and running mates is not really much of a stretch in politics. I mean, I know it's comics canon that Lex runs as an independent, but that's really just because the comics don't want to get to involved in politics. Realistically, if Lex was running for either of the major parties, his running mate is likely to be the opponent from the primaries who got the most support--so that really seems like a plausible scenario for Pete and Lex to be running together even though they hate each other.

Adam would have stayed dead and Emily would never have been cloned, but those are small prices to pay for a Lex who doesn't end up with a black hole where his soul should be.

Especially since Adam just died anyway and Emily was being raised like a pet.
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Dec. 13th, 2006 02:25 am (UTC)
I would love to play, but sadly, I'm only one eppy into the second season! I don't know much of the whole story thus far to play, but fun!! Can I snag to use in another fandom?
Dec. 13th, 2006 02:32 am (UTC)
Dec. 13th, 2006 02:47 am (UTC)
What is your goal?

I want to show how Clark and Lana never would have stayed together, even if the proposal had stuck in "Reckoning" and she knew his secret.

What are you going to do to accomplish it, given the constraints on your powers?

I would have the power of damaging electronical devices so Lana would never receive the phone call from Lex.

What do you think the effect of your change will be?

I think they would have been engaged, but during the time before the wedding, Clark's constant need to save other people would annoy her because she thinks she should become first in Clark's life. And I think she wouldn't have been too thrileld with all of the talking between Clark and Chloe since she would feel that he could talk to her now that she knew the secret. Plus, it would have allowed Clark to move away from Lana with a clearer and sound mind by not having the "what if?" factor hanging over their relationship.

What might be the unintended consequences?

That Chloe might think that Clark doesn't need her anymore, which I think would be untrue.
Dec. 13th, 2006 03:08 am (UTC)
Oh, what a smart goal! And one would hope that giving Lana more time to deal with knowing Clark's secret would make her a better secret keeper, too.

And I think you're probably right, that Clark and Lana had a lot of other issues besides his secret that would drive them apart eventually, once Lana had time to get over the fairy-tale proposal.
Dec. 13th, 2006 04:06 am (UTC)
Oh, awesome game!

What is your goal?
Clark does not abandon Lex at the end of Shattered, but sticks with him, helps him.

What are you going to do to accomplish it, given the constraints on your powers?
I'm thinking coversation a la' the caves of contrivance: today the part of Jor-El is played by the wise and benevolent treetracer: Kal-El, Lex Luthor will soon see you as you are, the last son of Krypton possessed of a might and strength surpassing that of any human. In that moment, you will remember the voices of those who raised you saying 'hide away, flee discovery'.

It is here you must embrace your destiny as a leader, save Lex Luthor from his father and in doing so save your family, your friends and the world from a far worse fate.

Clark: Huh?

Standin!Jor-El: Save Lex Luthor from his father and from himself. In this you will become a hero among men.

Clark: uh, ok.

What do you think the effect of your change will be?
Clark stops the car from hitting Lex, sees that Lex *knows*, and bam! right there steps up to the plate, takes responsibility for *who he is*, *what he's done*, and more importantly, what he can *do*. He spirits Lex away from the pysch doctor and together they hide out, get Toby to detox Lex on the side, and plan their return to Smallville.

What might be the unintended consequences?
1. Clark might subvert his destiny as world protector to *Lex's* protector; taking his father's words *so* seriously that he perceives any threat to Lex as a ripple effect threat to the world.

2. Lex doesn't get his brain zapped and remembers *everything.* Does he become bitter and plot revenge against his father, or does he let Clark influence him back to the good side?

3. Lionel targets the Kents to get to Clark to get to Lex.

Dude, this almost makes me want to write SV again. :-)
Dec. 13th, 2006 04:15 am (UTC)
You know, you practically *have* written the story already. You have an outline, you have dialogue--it's practically done!

::Puppy eyes::

The wise and benevolent treetracer does an excellent Jor-El, by the way.

However, I am hoping Lex has had the sense to stash evidence of his dad's misdeeds somewhere, or else I fear Clark and Lex will be on the run for a while.
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