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Recent TV

These days I'm usually a week or more behind on all shows, if you're wondering why I rarely comment on TV anymore. But I completely loved this week's Good Wife.

1. Diane is completely made of awesome. I felt so bad at the revelation that her dad had actually betrayed his best friend, but it was great that she kept Kalinda investigating anyway. And I really loved that she basically proposed to Kurt (who I ADORE despite his politics, because Gary Cole is JUST. THAT. HOT. And also a pretty nice guy despite his insano politics.) I really enjoy their relationship, and that the fact that he was a political liability did not in any way dissuade her.

I also liked that Diane is subtly encouraging Cary, because I really really don't want him to leave the firm.

Edited to add : How could I forget the reason I made this post in the first place? The suggestion that Diane wrote Vampire Diaries fanfic was the most LOLarious thing I've ever seen on this show. HEE HEE HEE! And the fact that they actually included fanfic in the storyline was also awesome, even if it turned out her housekeeper wrote it. I kind of want to make Kalinda reading TVD fanfic outloud into a ringtone or something.

2. Speaking of Cary: It makes me happy when he gets to show how smart he is, so I loved that he was the one to figure out Sweeny was going to be in real jeopardy when that court decision came down. It was fun to see him working with the new investigator, too, especially that completely adorable scene where she was drunk and stealing his pizza.

3. Speaking of Robyn: LOVE HER. She's got a completely different vibe than Kalinda, but is still very effective, and OMG I just adored her being all stonefaced to the interview candidate after Cary told her to. Hee!

4. I swear half the time I just ignore the actual cases on this show, but I do love when they either have a quirky judge or a quirky defendant, and DAMN Sweeny continues to be a COMPLETELY CREEPY yet compelling defendant. And Morena Baccarin as his girlfriend was really giving him a run for his money.

5. I am honestly not invested in the whole Alicia-Will-Laura love triangle, but the song they played at the end was lovely and heartbreaking, and I'm quite sure Laura just invented the military boyfriend. Too bad, because I like the idea of her and Will.

And just a few words about the most recent "Arrow"

I can't figure out why the show keeps giving us vigilantes that are pretty much like Oliver but--supposedly--worse, because I don't really see much of a difference. Ok, Oliver gives people one more chance, so he's not exactly the Huntress or the guy from this week--but he too is pursuing vengeance (just at one remove--for his dad rather than himself) and he kills LOTS of people. So I'm with Felicity here: wtf Oliver? (And wtf, writers?) Are we actually supposed to be thinking "oh yeah, unlike these other vigilantes Oliver is totally a good guy"?

Still, watching TEAM OLIVER is a joy, especially as Felicity gets drawn more and more into the quest, and Diggle is always great, especially when he's pulling Oliver's head out of his ass. And I'm actually starting to get interested in the island plot, for a change.

Does anyone else think that the reveal that Laurel's sister wasn't dead came a little quickly? It actually makes me think she is, actually, going to turn out to be alive (or at least start appearing in island flashbacks at some point).

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Apr. 3rd, 2013 06:15 am (UTC)
I actually have a post brewing about why I like Clark Kent more than Oliver Queen—well, the two Ollie’s I’ve seen but especially Arrow!Ollie. And it goes along the lines of: Oliver works outside the law to bring criminals down to where human-made laws can reach them whereas, Clarks works within the law via journalism to expand the law’s reach.

I think the show is very consistent with Ollie’s moral code. He works outside the law towards justice as defined by society, but working within the law—and Oliver damn well knows the difference between justice that is fair vs justice that isn’t fair—is not a place he is willing to put himself into.
Apr. 3rd, 2013 08:54 pm (UTC)
There's definitely no comparison between Oliver and Clark (especially the Arrow version)--I mean, as LaT was constantly saying during SV's run, it wasn't superpowers that made Clark Superman.

I guess if I agreed more with the moral decisions Oliver made I'd be more persuaded that he actually has a moral code. It's not the working outside the law that bothers me (obviously), it's the murders.
Apr. 3rd, 2013 11:56 pm (UTC)
I agree that the murders are very bothersome. The show justifies this with, well, these are people who’ve killed anyways. (Clark Kent would never use such logic!) And while I disagree with the where the show’s moral code’s foundation, I see it and how it‘s developed from there. Bring these people to justice and have them answer to society—no matter if society does something like, oh, give a crime lord a new off-radar and protected identity—or kill them for their refusal to answer to the people. (Clark Kent would always find a way to make them answer to the people. Always.)
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