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Recs that are not SPN

I know, I know. I, too, am shocked to find I have accumulated enough recs that aren't J2 or SPN to be able to make a whole post dedicated to them. Of course, by now most of these have been recced on other places, but you never know.

So have a few Star Trek: Reboot recs

Just fyi, it turns out that in this particular 'verse I am a complete sucker for (A) kidfic; (B) Kirk/McCoy (because I dig the friendship vibe, and love Spock/Uhura too much to break them up); (C) anything dealing with the tragedy of Vulcan; and (D) certain kinds of humor in which Kirk is being a real jerk. I think these recs manage to encompass all of these.

I think I shall order these from the sad to the silly:

Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit (GEN) by lazulisong. A wonderful, bittersweet AU backstory for Jim that involves a Vulcan mentor who may be my favorite OC in fanfiction, period--and not only because he has a Vulcan crush on Miss Amanda from the Starship Sesame Street. Something about Jim's relationship with Sakel made my heart break more for the loss of Vulcan than even the film did.

The Next Time You Say Forever (Kirk/McCoy) by thistlerose. Jim and Bones are both emotionally stunted in their own different ways, so it makes sense that they don't even realize they're in love with each other until Bones has to leave the Enterprise to take care of Joanna after her mother is killed in a shuttle accident. Fortunately the universe--or at least fanfic writers--likes to compensate for stupidity like that.

Bloom and Grow , mainly gennish, since it focuses on Joanna, but background Kirk/McCoy. Sequel to The Next Time You Say Forever, from Joanna's POV. Excellent characterization of Joanna, and for TOS fans, lots of fun snippets of TOS episodes as dealt with by the Reboot crew.

How Many Roads? Or 27 Times Jim has hit on Nyota Uhura one-sided Kirk/Uhura, Uhura/Spock. Somehow things I would find extremely annoying in men in RL are charming and funny when Reboot Kirk does them--perhaps because part of the joy of watching him hitting repeatedly on Uhura is seeing how elegantly she shoots him down, over and over again. And really this is the story of the evolution of their friendship.



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Dec. 15th, 2009 08:39 am (UTC)
Ooh, thanks for the recs. *scurries off, comes back later* Wow! I've only read the first but I agree that the OC is magnificent, and yes, the destruction of Vulcan hit harder in this story than in the movie. I look forward to reading the others.
Dec. 15th, 2009 07:58 pm (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed it!
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