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A few recs, mainly of the remix variety

Some of these are remixes and some of these are the stories the remixes are based on that I hadn't read before. A mixed bag: Harry Potter, Firefly, and SPN:

Cast a Long Shadow (We All Meet in the End) (Harry Potter, gen). An achy but beautifully characterized look at Petunia Dursley at several key points in her life. She is never quite sympathetic in this, yet you come to understand her POV nevertheless. Probably my favorite remix.

Warm Strangers by extraonions (SPN, gen). Set in the immediate aftermath of Jus in Bello: when Sam and Dean are declared dead, the people whose lives they touched come together to mourn. Beautiful and heartbreaking; this made me cry and cry. (The remix is also quite good, but didn't affect me quite as much as the original, which I hadn't read before today).

Finders Keepers (Crouching at the Door Extended Remix) (SPN, Sam/Dean). A terrific remix of a story by poisontaster; when Sam is 8 and Dean is 12, their dad vanishes, and CPS take Sam away one day when Dean is on a food run. The YED captures Dean, and 14 years later he's still trying to escape, hopefully with Sam's help.

Prism (Falling Feather Extended Jam) . (Firefly/SPN, gen). Castiel has to recruit Mal for a new war against demons. Wonderful characterizations of the Firefly gang, and a couple excellent cameos by Dean.

I thought about recommending my favorites over at the spnkink_meme, but decided that was a little personal. Returning to that meme every few hours simply reminds me of that truism, my kinks are hot, other people's kinks are hilarious and/or squicky. Though sometimes the squicky ones produce the best fic; I don't really understand how that works. And speaking of which, everyone's seen the Lucifer/Sarah Palin one , though, right?

I will link to one that got posted outside the meme, though: pandarus's amazingly hot and hilarious Jared/Jensen crossdressing Regency Romance is definitely worth reading.

And in no way am I linking to the meme in the hopes that people not already writing over there will go and fill a whole bunch of anonymous prompts I might have left. I would never be that blatantly self-serving.


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