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Sep. 28th, 2005

Spoilery reactions and comments about the new season of Veronica Mars behind the cut. (Spoilers for the premiere only)

Top ten things I loved about this episode:

1. That the class conflict got ratcheted up. One of the things I really loved about the show last season is the way it really took conflicts between the haves and the have-nots seriously, and I love how the redefinition of Veronica as an 09er is already causing tension for her. She's an insider with an outsider's perspective, based on her experiences last year, and I think that's going to make for some fantastic television.

2. The mystery. I really didn't think they could do something that would capture my interest like the Lily Kane murder, but this was brilliant: there is a personal angle, since Meg (presumably) is dead (and I am completely unspoiled about this season and would like to stay that way in comments, please!), but there were also at least--what--15 people on that bus? That means plenty of motives to investigate, with suspects galore: Logan, who was standing by the bus; the Casablancas kids who I can never keep straight; their new stepmom who might have been trying to kill them for inheritance reasons; plus any of Veronica's many enemies.

3. The romances. I know the way Veronica went back and forth between Logan and Duncan seems like a cheap stunt, but I kind of like that everybody got a little of what they wanted. I'm a supporter of Logan/Veronica, but I do think Logan is way, way too damaged now to have any kind of healthy relationship. with Veronica. And I kind of like Duncan/Veronica for now. Duncan grew on me at the end of last season, and although the character (so far) doesn't have Logan's charisma, he's damaged too, in a lot of ways. I wonder if his parents are going to end up in prison?

4. Wallace, baby. I love Wallace, and really love that he's the connection that's keeping Veronica true to what she learned last year while she's desperately trying for "normal." And really, I just adore the character, who I hope gets a lot more screentime this year.

5. Keith Mars. Best dad ever! I know it's practically a cliche of the show by now, but I still totally love that game he and Veronica play where she tells him she's beating up freshmen and stealing their lunch money, and the way he plays along. I just love their relationship. I even love the corny way he talks about Wallace's mom.

6. Logan, beautiful fucked-up Logan. So he and his buddies are burning public parks and waging their own war of revenge on--anyone possibly associated with the people who beat him up? Is that what we're supposed to think? Unbelievable that he got arrested for murder on the same day as his dad--I can't wait for the flashbacks to the headlines about that!!!! And I love how he's the center of the new class conflict in town, and how this just feeds the noirish convention that you never do get a happy ending, you're really doomed no matter what. I love that teen noir.

7. Charisma Carpenter. Damn, she looks better than she has in YEARS. And I think she was my first serious girlcrush--I watched Angel for two seasons before I started liking the show, just to see Charisma, so I hope she's not getting killed off anytime soon. (SO MUCH the better alternative than Tara Reid--and did everyone catch that brilliant joke about Tara Reid playing Allyson Hanigan's character? That was a joke with multiple layers!) And the fact that she's sleeping with Logan means (a) she's probably evil, which will be fun to watch, and (b) I can have many marysue fantasies about my threesome with her and Logan.

8. Meg. I hate to say this, but I really hope she is dead, because that seems very authentic to me and important to getting Veronica emotionally hooked on the mystery this season. Also it will create conflict between Duncan and Veronica (I assume) which will make their relationship more interesting. And it seemed very organic to me that Meg felt used and betrayed by Veronica, whom she had risked her social standing to befriend, and I am SO happy there wasn't any final peace made between them, and that in fact Meg's spitefulness is what saved Veronica's life. I liked Meg a lot last season, and I am sad if she is dead, but I also think it's going to make for a really interesting storyline.

9. Humor. It's hard for me to decide if I liked the Tara Reid or Tom Welling joke more, though as I said on Lenore's journal, I actually think if anyone should be cast for Logan's role, it should be Michael Rosenbaum! He's the one who does vulnerable badboys!

10. Ok, I've actually run out of things to say, but maybe the fact that my favorite show is finally back can be number 10.


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